Osher Gunsberg’s raw revelation about new fatherhood will melt your heart

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New Dad Osher Gunsberg is currently deep in the newborn baby bubble, enjoying the precious first days with his new son Wolfgang, after his wife Audrey Griffen gave birth to the couple’s first child together on Friday.

The Bachelor host posted a gorgeous new photo of himself and “Wolfie” on Instagram, sharing an adorable father-son moment together.

Alongside the black-and-white image of the pair engaging in skin-on-skin contact – which experts say is essential for babies to form a bond with their parents – Osher wrote the most beautiful message explaining just how in love he is with his family’s newest addition.

“Getting skin to skin with our boy Wolfie about ninety minutes after he was born. I was whispering my first words to him, welcoming him to the world and making some promises to him,” Osher wrote on Instagram.

“To say that the smell of him seeped into my brain and started to rewire things is an incredible understatement. ⁠

“We are now a few days in, and between feeds & nappy changes – whenever I can I’m whipping off my shirt and charging up on this little guy like he’s an induction stove. ⁠

“I don’t know how long he’ll let me do it – but holy moly I feel the gears shifting between my ears when we cuddle like this. ⁠

“I can’t nurse him like @audreygriffen can – yet when he’s grisly but then settles when he’s on me? ⁠

“I’ll take that feeling for as long as I can get it.”

The gorgeous pic Osher posted today.

(Credit: Instagram)

Osher is clearly completely besotted with Wolfie and is loving being a father.

Announcing the happy news on Instagram on Sunday night, Osher also made an incredible tribute to his wife Audrey.

“What I witnessed her do, the power I saw her summon from within her to bring this boy into the world was utterly astonishing,” Osher wrote.

Opening up about the incredible birthing experience in detail, Osher said his wife displayed an incredible energy during her labour.

“Audrey was able to harness it, guide it, and use it to transcend the extraordinary pain she was feeling and channel it all towards an energy that brought this boy alive and well into the world,” he wrote.

“That I’ve known Audrey for over five years, and yet had no idea that within her this whole time was an almighty divine force capable of bringing life into the world like this blows my mind and was astonishing to witness.”

The new dad then said he couldn’t think of a single thing a man could do that compares physically to what he saw his wife do.

“For me – any marathon or endurance event I’ve ever raced is essentially a wander to the kitchen compared to what I saw Audrey do on Friday,” he wrote.

The photo Osher first posted after his son was born.

(Credit: Instagram)

Osher, who is nine years and three months sober, has been open about his alcohol addiction and mental health struggles over the years.

He credits Audrey and her 13-year-old daughter Georgia, from a previous relationship, for saving his life.

“For me, meeting Audrey saved my life. Meeting Georgia gave my life a purpose and direction that I never expected,” Osher recently wrote on Instagram.

“These two wonderful women have given me so much already, they’ve helped me heal and grow – and now to have the chance to share with them the experience of bringing up a child together is just incredible,” he wrote.

WATCH BELOW: Osher reveals his battle with alcohol onstage at the ARIAs. Story continues after video.

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Audrey and Osher actually met on set of The Bachelor during Blake Garvey’s season – Audrey is a makeup artist and was doing Osher’s makeup on set, when the pair hit it off and started dating.

“I think it’s amazing that we are the only successful couple from the Blake [Garvey] season,” Audrey told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s pretty funny,” Osher added. “But we’re not the first people to meet at work, and we won’t be the last.”

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