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BREAKING BACHIE BABY NEWS: Osher Gunsberg and wife Audrey Griffin just welcomed their first child together!

Congratulations guys!

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg and his gorgeous wife Audrey Griffin have welcomed their first child together, a beautiful baby boy!
The cute couple announced the happy news on Instagram, sharing an adorable photo of their new bub with the world, along with an incredible message from Osher about the entire experience.
"Please meet Georgia's youngest brother, Wolfgang. ⁠We call him Wolfie for short," Osher wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture featuring their adorable new son, Audrey and himself in an embrace.
The proud as punch new dad continued: "He and @Audreygriffen did so well on Friday when he was born perfectly formed with ten fingers and toes, healthy and happy at 3.97kg.⁠ (Though between the delivery bed and the scale he did do a massive poop - and the doc agreed that if he hadn't he would have topped 4kg easily.)"
The Bachelor host said he was in "complete awe" of his wife.

"What I witnessed her do, the power I saw her summon from within her to bring this boy into the world was utterly astonishing," Osher wrote.

Opening up about the incredible birthing experience in detail, Osher said his wife displayed an incredible energy during her labour.

"Audrey was able to harness it, guide it, and use it to transcend the extraordinary pain she was feeling and channel it all towards an energy that brought this boy alive and well into the world," he wrote.

"That I've known Audrey for over five years, and yet had no idea that within her this whole time was an almighty divine force capable of bringing life into the world like this blows my mind and was astonishing to witness."
The new dad then said he couldn't think of a single thing a man could do that compares physically to what he saw his wife do.

"For me - any marathon or endurance event I've ever raced is essentially a wander to the kitchen compared to what I saw Audrey do on Friday," he wrote.
The new dad also revealed big sister Georgia was present in spirit during the birth, via a playlist she had made for the occasion. ⁠

Funnily enough, Osher confessed his new son came into the world with the sounds of Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce and Khalid playing in the background!

The new dad ended his incredible post: "Less than an hour after he was born, Wolfie met G for real - and she's the best big sister he could have ever hoped for. ⁠

"We are in love and drowning in gratitude, oxytocin and new baby smell."
Osher and Audrey at their baby's gender reveal party. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)
During an interview with Now To Love just weeks before his baby boy arrived, Osher revealed the couple were beyond excited to welcome their little one into the world.
"I'm not freaking out at all, everything's pretty great. We know the date, better be ready! We're looking late August, early September, so that's our launch window!" he joked.
As Audrey's due date rapidly approached, Osher was keeping busy preparing for that date – buying baby furniture from Gumtree, recording extra podcasts (he's got his own show, The Osher Gunsberg Podcast) so he can have time off and and trying to figure out what name to give their baby.
"I thought 100 per cent it was going to be born with XX chromosomes but what do you know, the tests showed that it was a XY," he said, explaining that he and Audrey were adamant they were going to have a girl.
The couple first met on the set of The Bachelor during Blake Garvey's season. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)
"Currently, as every parents do I'm sure, we're currently throwing around baby names but if the kid gets to five and goes I'm sorry, you're gonna call me Christine, then alright then! We'll love you no matter what. So it might be coming out with XY chromosomes but whatever it wants to be, we'll love it no matter what.
"We're so happy that so far everything looks tip top. I'm really quite present to the fact that that's not the same for everyone and I'm really aware of that and I'm just super, super grateful that at this point everything's going really well."
Osher recently shared this gorgeous photo of Audrey looking glorious during her pregnancy. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)
Back in February, the Network Ten host and his wife announced that they were expecting a baby.
"We are very happy to introduce you to the newest member of our family, joining us late August 2019," Osher captioned the post.
"Please meet "Chickpea", the person behind the last three months of @audreygriffen's surprise day-naps and a mysterious aversion to her favourite ramen restaurant."
"All four of us are over the moon and looking forward to meeting this wonderful young human.
And throughout her pregnancy, Audrey has looked absolutely incredible, with Osher frequently sharing gorgeous photos of his wife totally rocking that natural pregnancy glow.
Audrey pictured at 37 weeks. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)
A newly pregnant Audrey with her adorable little baby bump. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)
Osher, who is nine years and three months sober, has been open about his alcohol addiction and mental health struggles over the years.
He credits Audrey and her 13-year-old daughter Georgia, from a previous relationship, for saving his life.
"For me, meeting Audrey saved my life. Meeting Georgia gave my life a purpose and direction that I never expected," Osher recently wrote on Instagram.
"These two wonderful women have given me so much already, they've helped me heal and grow - and now to have the chance to share with them the experience of bringing up a child together is just incredible," he wrote.
WATCH BELOW: Osher opens up about his battle with alcohol. Story continues after video.
Audrey and Osher actually met on set of The Bachelor during Blake Garvey's season - Audrey is a makeup artist and was doing Osher's makeup on set, when the pair hit it off and started dating.
"I think it's amazing that we are the only successful couple from the Blake [Garvey] season," Audrey told The Sydney Morning Herald.
"It's pretty funny," Osher added . "But we're not the first people to meet at work, and we won't be the last."
Congratulations to this gorgeous couple!

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