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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Ep 4 Recap: Hayley breaks the winners curse and Rogue goes wild

Is Rogue the most unlikeable player in Australian Survivor history?
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As the sun rises on day eight in Samoa, our 20 remaining tribemates are all at odds with each other.

At the hero’s tribe Gerry is nursing a sore foot, Rogue is running around camp telling everyone she is the only ”real” hero there and Hayley enlists the help of Flick to help her hunt for the idol her nemesis George hinted at during the last elimination challenge.

All in all, the dynamic of the tribe is still very ‘kum-ba-yah’ bar Rogue.

As Sharni so frankly puts it: ”She [Rogue] is pissing some people off.”

Hayley is also on board the Rogue hate train: ”Rogue somehow knows how to inflict pain on everyone around her.”

And boy does she….but we will get back to this later.

Rogue is irritating everyone…

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Over at the villain’s tribe, we can’t help but feel bad for George as he rummages through camp looking for his ”villains hat” of which we know Simon dramatically threw onto the fire at the last tribal council.

Simon is chuffed to see George out of sorts with his ‘misplaced’ hat, telling the cameras that his hat burning antics made him the ultimate villain.

I mean yes, if Simon’s plan is to get George burnt to a crisp in the hot Samoan sun, he could be classified as villainous. But given George moves on pretty quickly, we rate this wannabe power move low on the scale for Survivor villainy.

The immunity idol Simon found in the cookie jar from the last episode is also revealed to be not an idol but an advantage according to Jonathan’s narration, but Simon is still none the wiser.

Sam finds a hidden clue in a pizza box!

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In a fun throwback to the first season of Australian Survivor, the rewards challenge for this episode is actually held in the same location the very first challenge was held on.

Hero Sam knows the beach all too well having competed on it in that season, telling Jonathan that the beach was ”home.”

In a very AFL/wrestling-esque type challenge, the heroes do ultimately win and walk away with a pizza party, but not before villain Rogue ruffles some feathers, leaving members of the villains tribe Shonee and Liz going ”what the hell.”

And honestly, watching this back, we were thinking the same way.

Unfortunately for our heroes the pizza is frozen, but no one seems to care, especially Flick.

”I don’t care if I die of food poisoning, give me the pizza!”

Sam finds an idol clue in a pizza box and enlists David and Shaun to help him find it, racing against Hayley who is also still looking for an idol thanks to George’s handy tip.

Simon and Stevie have the ultimate bro-mance.

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At our immunity challenge this week, our castaways are made to hang from a thick pole over the ocean in a classic Survivor challenge based on upper body strength and endurance.

Hayley throws the challenge, Rogue looks annoyed, and we see a sweet moment where Stevie (who helps win for the villains) is given a big cuddle and kiss from Simon before being lifted in the air by his tribemates.


Back at camp, the heroes are quick to talk about their impending tribal council.

Hayley wants to give rude Rogue the boot, with Gerry as the split vote given his sore foot and everyone seems to be in agreement.

But Shaun is keen to ”trim some fat” and give Hayley the boot in a blindside.

Speaking of Shaun, the former AFL player gazumps Sam and David, using the info from the clue Sam found to find the idol for himself, shoving it into his pants straight away and betraying his alliance members in the progress who are at this stage none the wiser.

Is Rogue Survivor’s most unlikeable player ever?

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At tribal, Rogue sinks her ship even deeper, giving the famous last words that she isn’t even ”vaguely nervous” whilst continuing to insult her tribe.

After she keeps digging and digging and the tribe bands together and calls her out on her behaviour, Rogue then demands everyone vote her out.

”I’d want everyone to go there and sign my name,” she declares.

Even Jonathan doesn’t know how to respond to her antics.

Her behaviour is honestly quite mind boggling.

Surprise surprise, Rogue does get voted out and Hayley breaks the former winner’s curse of being voted out in her first tribal council without breaking a sweat.

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