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Survivor Episode 2: This is Shonee’s world and we are just living in it + player comes out as GAY!

Some of these players need a trip to the school of Survivor:101
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With the first tribal council done and dusted, the game of Survivor has officially begun.

The end of episode one saw former Real Housewives of Melbourne star Anjali Rao have her torch snuffed, so it was only fitting that George waltzed back into the villains camp after being released by the medical team for treatment to his head injury.

In true George fashion, his return was as dramatic as possible, the ‘King’ even going so far as to have food delivery driver Stevie rechristen him in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, signifying his ”rebirth” into the game and his ”second coming” into Samoa.

For any Monty Python fans out there, no George isn’t the ”messiah”, he’s just a very naughty boy…

Frankly, it was hilarious, but his tribemates thought otherwise, laughing in disbelief at his antics.

”He’s not paralysed, he can swim,” Jordie said incredulously as he watched the ridiculous scene unfold before his eyes.

After a bump to the head, George returns to the camp looking worse for wear. But that doesn’t last long…

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Over at the heroes tribe (or should we say Switzerland), things were very ‘kumbaya’ with jillaroo Paige taking charge and directing everyone around to upgrade their shelter to a Taj Mahal-esque structure.

As her fellow castaways undertook some hard yakka, yarning away as they did it, island life seemed to be treating our heroes well.

Island life for our villains on the other hand is no picnic, as viewers listen to confessionals from various members of the tribe about how cold, wet, and hungry they are. Morale, at this stage, is at an all-time low.

But this doesn’t last long as the villains take home the win in the rewards challenge after a battle of the beefcakes (you’ll have to watch the episode to understand this reference), allowing them 15 minutes to ”raid” the heroes campsite.

And whilst it does seem fitting that the villains were given the opportunity to engage in treacherous behaviour, not all on the tribe were on board with THAT amount of treachery.

Things sure did get physical in the rewards challenge.

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Luxury car dealership communications and PR manager Mimi is the voice of reason, imploring her tribemates to be more considerate about what they take and what they trash at the heroes campsite.

George on the other hand just wants to destroy with lines such as ”let’s set it on fire” and ”we’ve taken your food and left you with no dignity.”

After being told to put the machete down and encouraged to maybe not destroy the shelter, George and the tribe leave the heroes with a measly banana each and not much else.

In the elimination challenge, we see former AFL player Shaun use his height to his advantage (and at six foot five we don’t blame him), as the teams roll up a heavy ball up and down several obstacles. At its core, this was a challenge that involved lots of teamwork and grunt work from everyone.

Real estate agent Fraser is paired up with George (despite Stevie wanting in on the puzzle action) whilst Nina and broadcaster Ben get to work on putting together their puzzle, ultimately securing the win for the heroes tribe.

So yet again, the villains are headed to tribal!

The villains tribe fell flat when it came down to the puzzle side of things…

(IMAGE: Ten)

Fuelled by vengeance, Simon has his sights on George: ”I will be the kingslayer.”

Liz and Shonee form their own alliance they name ”the shizz” whilst journalist Michael wants to ”boot George back to Bankstown,” running around camp like a headless chook talking a big talk, with not much action.

Shonee, who seems to be the only one at camp who doesn’t want to get rid of George, tells the camera that ”if you are a big threat, you surround yourself with big threats,” before proceeding to give her tribe a lesson at the Shonee school of Survivor: 101.

”We’ve already lost two girls, I don’t want to lose a gay either,” Shonee then expresses to George who seems delighted that Shonee wants to keep him around, at least until he can be used as a sacrificial lamb come merge.

Michael is a textbook example of how NOT to play the game of Survivor.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Come tribal council, Michael just can’t keep quiet about his desire to get rid of George, growing visibly flustered and red in the face as his tribemates and even Jonathan calls him out on his contradictory statements.

Stevie also adds this random one liner: ”If you want loyalty go get a dog.”


Michael ultimately does get given the boot, in an almost poetic fashion the night after fellow journalist Anjali had her torch snuffed.

As Jonathan says: ”If you aren’t writing the story, you’re probably the headline.”

Honestly, if there is anything to take away from this episode. This really is Shonee’s game, and everyone else is just living in it.

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