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Survivor ep 11 recap: Stevie is hot property and Simon’s fake idol finally gets played

George is out for blood (again).
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Destiny and loyalty are at the forefront of the hero’s tribe in the moments after Jordie’s elimination from the tribe.

Stevie, it seems is in hot demand, with Matt, Flick and Ben trying to butter him up and sow the seeds of another attempt to blindside King George in his mind.

Flattered by the attention, Stevie is keen to see ”chaos reign” and starts questioning his alliance with the spice girls.

Despite all running to George at the first chance they got after Paige was eliminated, Matt, Flick and Ben reiterate to each other that they are a solid three. Sigh, is there no honour in this game?

Poor Shonee is SHOCKED to hear that Jordie has been eliminated with an idol in his pocket.

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Over on the villain’s tribe Simon is crying and just wants a hug because he’s missing Jordie whilst Liz is feeling like a lone wolf the poor darl.

But things seem to be taking a turn for the better with Sam and Nina both looking to shake up their original heroes’ strong alliance and kick their games up into high gear.

We sense some backstabbing will soon be afoot!

Speaking of Liz, she’s still pretty salty with Simon for voting against Jordie and Liz despite promising them he was with them 100%.

”I knew Simon was a snake but just when I think he can’t get any worse he somehow does,” Liz broods to the camera.

George and Shonee were keen to throw the challenge and give each other massages instead.

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Come immunity challenge time this one is yet again rather physical and to be frank, George and Shonee just can’t be bothered, wanting to throw the challenge and get rid of social player Flick.

Instead, George suggests they just sit on the starting mat and ”give each other massages.”

He also tells the villains tribe that Jordie’s elimination was a ”declaration of war” and that he would cut the original heroes on his tribe ”loose.”

Yikes. The King really doesn’t mince his words, does he?

The challenge also sees Liz give long lost BFF Shonee that Simon has betrayed them, as well as how she thinks Flick and Matt have what they think is a real idol courtesy of Simon.

The heroes lose of course, and George couldn’t be happier.

George has declared war on the original heroes.

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Back at camp the scrambling begins; Flick is asked to show her idol but refuses (and boy does this bite her in the bum later).

Stevie is behaving weirdly, wanting to pull off crazy tribal council moves that don’t make sense and are unnecessary but the spice girls are quick to pull him back to earth and remind him that their vote against Ben is simple, easy and foolproof.

Oh, and he’s also still pondering flipping and voting out George.

”What is it about George that makes people want to vote him out,” Stevie asks himself before answering his own question: ”Well he’s the kind of guy that when he walks into a pub people want to punch him.”

Flick reminds George one final time that she will be loyal to him if he saves her from the coming vote and then off we go to tribal!

Flick after being told her idol is in fact not an idol: ”Say whattttt?”

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Kicking things off with a bang, George asks Flick to prove her loyalty by throwing her idol in the flames but she refuses.

Flick then goes to play her idol for Matt before being told it’s 100% not an idol (thanks Simon) and Ben is the one to go home.

”Flick did not play an idol she played a clue that leads to an idol,” Ben tells the camera in his outgoing confessional.

”In fact, I have one of these sitting in my bag right now that I could have shown her and gone ‘this is what you’ve got dude’.

Ahhhh, what a case of miscommunication (or should we say lack thereof).

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