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Survivor ep 10 recap: Jordie pulls a Simon

And Shonee is the confessional queen!
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Whilst all our eliminees so far have been brand new players, episode ten saw a returning player have their torch snuffed after pulling what we will call a Simon.

But before we get to the ill-fated tribal council, let’s backtrack to the beginning of the episode.

Simon still thinks he has an idol (as does everyone else thanks to George).

Speaking of King George, him and Queen Shonee are getting five-star treatment on the heroes tribe, with trusty lieutenants Gerry and Stevie on hand to help them out.

And with Paige gone, the remaining original heroes are sucking up to George, clutching at straws, appealing to his better nature (if such a thing exists) and pleading their cases as to why George should keep them in the game.

Queen Shonee has risen to the top of the new heroes tribe!

(IMAGE: Ten)

As George puts it: ”they are running to the King singing ‘please sire, save me’.”

Flick wants to offer ”absolute loyalty” and work as a double agent as does Matt whilst Ben is trying to explain to George why they tried to blindside him.

Over on the villain’s tribe, Simon laments that feeling ”moist and damp” is his new normal, Liz starts crying because she misses Shonee: ”she’s like a sister to me, we’ve just formed this incredible bond” and Jordie is still salty that he is stuck on a tribe with Simon.

The original villains Jordie, Simon and Liz agree to stick together with Simon telling Liz and Jordie that he will use his idol to protect their alliance but given Simon’s track record we know that definitely won’t happen, and so does Liz: ”I know for a fact that he is too selfish to do that.”

Despite being devastated to be seperated from her BFF Shonee, Liz perks up quickly after finding an idol.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Villains win reward in a challenge that is a cardio nightmare and feeling exposed, Liz catches up with long lost BFF Shonee on the sidelines and asks her for an idol, to which Shonee says yes of course!

And boy does Liz need it, as she confesses to the cameras how difficult it is to connect with the alphas aka the meat tray alliance on her tribe.

So, off she goes in search of an idol, and us luck would have one she finds one.

Speaking of idols, the meat tray alliance have the bright idea of promising Simon their loyalty if he hands over his idol to the alliance, for the good of the alliance.

Simon says an alliance with the alpha boys is ”music” to his ears and jumps ship leaving Liz and Jordie in the dust (shocker).

But before any of this takes place Hayley asks Simon: ”Are you sure it is really an idol?” to which Simon shuts her down, and any questions about paperwork, it being a nullifier along with it.

Jordie is stoked to have his first immunity idol in the game of Survivor.

(IMAGE: Ten)

After the villains lose the immunity challenge, David brings Flick in for a hug (not suspect at all), gives her the fake idol, and tells her that she can win Stevie over if she tells him, it’s his destiny, whilst Shonee gives Jordie one of her idols as well.

Jordie is stoked to have his first idol in the game, and he’s ready to use it. Or at least threaten to use it, telling Hayley and Nina that he and Liz will be using their idols at tribal and they have no choice but to vote for Sam.

And if any whisperings are a foot, Jordie says Hayley or Nina will be the ones going home in what he says isn’t a threat but totally is.

Feeling like their hands are forced, Hayley and Nina tell the other members of the alliance the situation at hand, struggling to find a solution, whilst Sam is left in the dark about his probable elimination.

Poor Jordie is kicking himself for not playing is idol.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Simon is still acting dumb to Jordie and Liz telling them that he still plans to vote original villains strong and in true Survivor fashion scrambling is happening to the absolute last minute.

At tribal, the tension is thick, and it seems like Jordie and Liz won’t have to play their idols after all, but just pretend to.

However, Shaun has a plan, and it works.

The original heroes split their vote down the middle and Sam and Jordie tie, forcing a revote in which Jordie is then sent packing with an idol burning a hole in his pocket.

Ultimately his gamble doesn’t pay off.

”I’ve done a Simon,” says Jordie in his outgoing confessional.

”I just can’t believe this is happening.”

Oh Jordie…..

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