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Survivor Ep 8 Recap: Ben chops off the head of the snake in the heroes tribe

Do the heroes finally cut off some ''dead meat?''
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George has proven once more that he isn’t the ‘King’ of Survivor for no reason.

After exposing Jordie’s betrayal of Simon, ending Simon’s alliance with Stevie in a major bluff and brutally blindsiding Fraser, it comes as no surprise that waking up on the villain’s beach the morning after things are tense.

Everyone is rattled, and annoyed.

None more than exhibit A Jordie who can’t understand why George would throw him under the bus like that, and exhibit B Simon who can’t understand why Jordie would want to blindside him to begin with.

Simon seems to forget though this is a game, and bromances aside, he was a sinking ship that Jordie had to abandon.

On a happier note though, we see a heart-warming scene where Stevie shares a cuddle with Liz and Shonee.

”I’m so forever grateful to both of you,” he shares, visibly emotional when speaking about the tribal council.

”I didn’t think it would be so intense,” he admits.

Sigh. It seems Stevie (much like Simon) has forgotten what the game of Survivor is all about.


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Jordie is stressed that he will be the next to have his torch snuffed after last night’s antics but lucky for him, Shonee and Liz love the joker and want to play with him.

Speaking of Shonee, this three-time player scored herself an immunity idol in plain sight by the water hole which we are sure will be put to good use sooner rather than later….

Ben and Shonee found matching idols! Could the timing be more perfect?

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Over at the heroes tribe you would think everyone would be in a happy mood but Gerry ain’t having a bar of it, telling the camera that he couldn’t care less about being ”hero strong” and that ”Gerry comes first now”.

Honestly, we don’t blame him considering his tribe threw him to the metaphorical wolves aka the villains.

But the punches don’t stop there, as Gerry calls out the hierarchy of the group, and the heroes are finally forced to acknowledge the pecking order of their tribe. But we will come back to that in a tick.

At the immunity challenge our teams compete to keep a wooden box in the air with their legs in what is surely the most brutal ab workout in history.

Despite a solid effort from Paige and Sharni on the hero’s tribe, ultimately Shonee and Liz win it for the villains.

And given the last time Shonee did this challenge she lasted double the amount of time (2 hours and five minutes compared to just over an hour), we aren’t surprised.

Oh, and did we mention that George also tells the heroes that Simon has an idol? Ha, the war of words continues!

Sharni played with loyalty, but did it ultimately backfire?

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As the heroes prepare to go to tribal council for the first time in YONKS, Paige is quick to play the blame game, telling everyone it was Sharni who dropped the box and not her.

Ben is also sneaking around and does succeed in finding an idol because he’s clued on that he’ll be on the chopping block.

But don’t worry, he has a (villainous) plan: ”When our backs are against the wall we need to do morally ambiguous things to survive,” he tells the camera.

Come tribal, Paige goes straight for the jugular, continuing to play the blame game with Sharni who just doesn’t understand what exactly is going on, and where Paige’s verbal attack is coming from.

Ben is quick to take advantage of the emotions running rampant, whispering to a handful of his tribemates that he doesn’t only have an idol that he is planning to play, but that Sharni is a ”snake” and ”can’t be trusted.”

Could he be anymore morally ambiguous?

When it comes down to it, Ben does play his idol (and lucky he does) and receives six invalid votes, leaving Sharni (who only received three votes) to get her torched snuffed.

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