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EXCLUSIVE: The Super Switch’s Ben Lyall’s emotional breakdown over his relationship with Christie

''I was physically sick and she was having a lot of fun.''
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The Super Switch’ Ben Lyall is known for being a loud mouth party animal and frankly, a little bit of a larrikin.

But on Wednesday’s episode of the Channel 7 show, we see a softer side to Ben – when he breaks down in front of his switch partner, Olga Tori.

“I just worry that Christie feels that I might not be good enough,” Ben tells Olga.

“I don’t want to get to the end of this and her leave me.”

In an emotional moment, he reveals that he wants to leave the experiment.

“I’m emotionally drained, I’m emotionally exhausted and I’m struggling with all these demons in my own mind.”

In an exclusive interview with Now to Love, Ben opened up about this period and how he was convinced it was over between them.

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Ben is visibly shaken over Christie on The Super Switch.

(Source: Channel 7)

“I struggled,” he admitted in a moment of reflection. “I was really struggling.”

“I cry a few times on the show,” he added, before revealing that being away from his girlfriend and not knowing what was going on in the other house was the most difficult part of the experiment.

“You’ve just gotta enjoy what’s going on in yours [house], and focus on what’s going on in yours,” he said.

Before adding: “The only thing you worry about is that she’s going to be OK. Is she struggling?”

When the pair were finally reunited, Ben was shocked to find out that Christie (Cassar) was “having a jolly good time” without him.

“I was so upset, because then I was like – ‘you didn’t even care!’. I was physically sick and she was having a lot of fun.”

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During the first episode, we also see Ben’s vulnerability for a hot second, when he tells the producer’s that Christie had told him “if it wasn’t for the experiment, we wouldn’t be together.”

“She said it like six weeks leading into it,” the 35-year-old told Now to Love.

“We were fighting and having a terrible relationship and she said to me, ‘if we didn’t have this show coming up…’ – because it was almost like we had something to stay together for.

“Channel 7 had already locked us in, picked our personalities and how everyone is going to gel, and then we’re there going ‘yeh, nah’. It haunted me for weeks.”

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Ben and his girlfriend, Christie Cassar.

(Source: Channel 7)

The issues in their relationship were confronting for Ben who “chucked it in fairly easy” with past relationships.

“Oviously, I’m no oil painting,” he said.

“But I’m 35 and I was wondering what I was doing wrong. So I just made a conscious decision that in this relationship, I would stick it out a bit more. You ride out the rough times and enjoy the good times.

“Look, there are plenty of times where she acts like a complete mole and I’m like – that’s it, I’m done. Cut a b–ch loose. Isn’t that normal in every relationship?”

The Super Switch continues on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, on Channel 7

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