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EXCLUSIVE: The Super Switch’s Ben reveals what he REALLY thinks of Olga

''This chick is annoying!''
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The Super Switch is beginning to heat up and by now you’ve probably started coming to your own conclusions about the weird and wonderful cast.

And while we’re getting to know them – there was no one better to share the real deal, than their switch partners on the show.

For two of the strongest “characters” on the show, their pairing was a little, well, unusual.

And now, in an exclusive chat with Now to Love, both Ben Lyall and Olga Tori, revealed what they REALLY thought about each other.

“I was paired with someone who was a little bat sh – – crazy,” Ben said about his first few weeks with Olga, but then admitted it was probably the reason they were paired together.

“I’m like, ‘this chick is annoying’, so I feel sorry for Christie. Christie reckons I’m hard work.”

Ben and Olga tell us what they really think.

(Source: Channel Seven)

And while Christie (who is paired with Olga’s boyfriend, Tyler Franko) thinks Ben is a little bit of a handful, he has similar feelings about his girlfriend too.

“Look, there are plenty of times where she acts like a complete mole and I’m like – ‘that’s it, I’m done. Cut a b–ch loose’. But isn’t that normal in every relationship?

“Youse [women] are very emotional beings.”

In the very first episode, we met Ben’s partner, Christie Cassar, who was ready to chuck in the towel if it wasn’t for their impending stint on The Super Switch and according to the former Bachelorette star, this was “100% real”.

“She said it like six weeks leading into it,” he said. “Because you’ve locked it in [the show] and we were fighting and having a terrible relationship and she said to me, ‘if we didn’t have this show coming up’ – but it almost became something we had to stay together for.

“Channel Seven had already locked us in, and picked our personalities and how everyone was going to gel – so we couldn’t back out. It haunted me for weeks,” he added.

So, does Ben think that Christie’s pairing with Tyler is better off then their own?

“I can’t say she would be better off with him,” he said, before adding: “No, I don’t think so.”

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Ben and Christie on The Super Switch.

(Source: Channel Seven)

For Canadian born Olga, her pairing with Ben was not what she was expecting.

“He is a lot of a person,” she admitted, while adding: “But he was a lot of fun. I’m a very bubbly and energetic weird type of person myself.

“Like I like I can understand what level he is on and I can try and get to his level, but like I don’t think I’ll ever be. Like, it’s…a lot,” she laughed.

“So when I met him, you know at first I was like trying to catch up to him with everything. I was so tired just being around him – oh my God.”

While they may not have been on the same page, Olga did think they were the perfect match for the experiment.

“I really got along with him like a brother and sister,” she revealed.

“We were able to talk to each other every night about stuff; like about our partners but we were also able to, you know, still go out on dates and have fun but it wasn’t anything like romantic. It wasn’t anything sexual. It was literally like brother and sister hanging out.”

Ben and Olga were like brother and sister on the show.

(Source: Channel 7)

And speaking of her relationship with Tyler, the couple have already had quite the fiery start to their time on Super Switch – mainly due to Olga’s “insecurities”, but she maintains there is a real reason for it.

“I’ve never caught him cheating,” she admits, “so I’m assuming he hasn’t – but he has been talking to other girls and lying to me about where he’s going.

“He’ll tell me he’s going to meet with a client and then he’ll tell me it’s a guy client, but then later on I find out that it’s a girl.”

“He told me that one time he was going to do a male only photo shoot, but it was actually all female. He told his business partner to block me on Instagram so I wouldn’t see it. But then my friends were contacting me, and when I asked him about it he said: ‘oh I didn’t want to tell you’.”

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“I feel like after being together for almost seven years, you kind of just sit and talk and you work through it like if you know that I’m really insecure and it will hurt me, but you still want to do it.

“Since you have your own business, why not just invite me to come with you so I can see that there’s no threat but I can see that you actually are working and that you’re not out flirting – then I’d feel a lot safer.”

The Super Switch continues on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Channel 7

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