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Is this the most iconic The Bachelor Australia exit of all time?

Steph leaves viewers in stitches with her parting comment.
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Aleksandra and Steph were eliminated from The Bachelor Australia tonight.

Why they were eliminated over several girls who I’ve literally never heard speak a word, or seen on screen for more than five seconds, I’m not sure. They, at least, seemed kind of interesting.

Aleksandra (left) and Steph were eliminated tonight.

Whatever the reason Nick had for dismissing the ladies from the show, Steph certainly had some words to say about it… and they were HILARIOUS.

As she was asked to say goodbye to Nick at the end of the rose ceremony, Steph looked him dead in the eyes and said “I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this.”

“Lol are you serious?”

After looking bewildered for a few moments, Nick managed to let out a ‘fair enough’ as she walked away.

“What just happened?”

In honour of Steph’s instantly iconic exit, we’re taking a look back on some of our favourite departures from The Bachelor Australia.

1. Megan Marx rejects her rose

OK… bye!

Megan was an early front-runner in Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor Australia. They were both blonde, tanned, and ridiculously good looking. With so much in common, how could it NOT work out?

Well, at the seventh rose ceremony, Megan decided to reject her rose.

“From the moment I met you, I felt like you’re someone I could fall in love with. But … I just can’t fall in love in such competition and intensity,” she told the Bachelor, leaving him visibly crushed.

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2. Cayla spills the tea

Cayla asks Nick for a quick chat.

Energy healer Cayla felt it was her duty to spill the tea to Nick Cummins during her exit, which was aired last night. She pulled the Bachelor outside for a ‘quick chat’ after her elimination, where she told him “I just need to tell you there are so many inauthentic girls in this house.”

“You should know this, from the very beginning Cat and Romy… they aren’t good people man. They’re blindsiding you. Cat and Romy are literally here to be famous,” she continued.

“Romy is so fake! Honestly. I hope you make the right decision Nick. Good luck in there mate.”


3. Jen Hawke exits the mansion

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Jen approached Matty J at a cocktail party to tell him that Lisa was not interested him and thought he was only there to be famous. After Matty confronted Lisa, the drama hit the fan at the cocktail party with the other women accusing Jen of telling lies.

Saying she had no interest in being around mean girls, Jen packed her bags and walked herself out of the mansion. For what it’s worth, Jen still maintains she did, in fact, hear Lisa say this.

4. Ali hops away on crutches

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It was a crushing elimination that saw Ali’s heart broken… but it was just too bad her knee also happened to be broken when Tim Robards decided not to give her a rose in season one.

CONTEXT: Ali suffered a fractured left tibia and ruptured ligaments in her knee, after trying to impress Tim by jumping off their boat.

As Tim said goodbye to Ali, he left her in tears in the stairwell. It was not a hapy sight for viewers to behold.

5. Emily Simms storms out

And she’s out of here!

Emily Simms did not have a nice, final conversation with Bachie Sam Wood in season three.

After he told her she was “not a goof” and revealed his concerns over her uptight nature, Sam left Emily in the ‘bottom two’ with Nina Rolleston at the rose ceremony, with just one rose left to give.

Appalled by being put with her ‘arch-rival’ Nina, Emily stormed out of the rose ceremony.

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