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Is Dasha The Bachelor’s dark horse of the season?

She's got him all clucky!
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It appears so far that Brittany and Brooke are the main frontrunners, yet on episode four of The Bachelor, Russian gymnast and mother-of-one Dasha has Nick completely smitten.

During their single date the couple spoke about family and even broached the subject of children.

And after a passionate session of tonsil hockey, Nick found himself gazing deep into her brown eyes and asking if she would like to have more little ones.

Is Dasha the dark horse of the season?

“If it’s with the right person yes,” purrs Dasha.

And that’s it. You can literally see Nick cartwheeling off into hills along with Dasha and their 16 little gymnast athletic children.

Could this straight talking glamourpuss steal the title from Brittany or Brooke? Dasha certainly knows what she wants so it may depend on how she feels about Nick.

“I’ve been married already and I have a child, so I know what I want and won’t settle for anything less than amazing. I would much rather be by myself,” Dasha told NW previously.

“I do want to fall in love. I’m a little bit old-fashioned and I haven’t been on any dating websites. I never respond to guys who slide into my DMs so I’m like “How do I meet this person?’ I really believe you can find something beautiful in all the most unusual places,” she added.

After her single date, she tells the camera, “I guess there’s something special about Nick.

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And for the former Wallabies player, he appears to be hankering for more.

“She’s got a calming energy, she’s good to be around,” he gushes to the camera.

As for being with a divorced mother, Nick seems unfazed. “I don’t mind she’s been married before,” he chuckles.

Could Dasha be the dark horse of the season? Currently, Sportbet have her coming in at 5th place at $12 so the odds aren’t her favour, but could she sneak up and steal the title?

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