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The Bachelor Australia's dark horse Dasha opens up on her miscarriage heartache

Single mum Dasha says she’s keeping secrets from Nick – and if he wants to know them, he’ll have to chase her

By NW team
She took Nick's breath away when she wrapped her knees over his shoulders within seconds of meeting him, but Dasha Gaivoronski reveals to NW that there are plenty of other things about her that will stun, to.
Yep, after fleeing her homeland of Russia with her son Leon five years ago, leaving her family and her husband behind, Dasha set up a new life in Adelaide.
The plan? To find a safe home for herself and her son, now five, start up her PT business and move on from the heartbreaking memories, including a divorce and a miscarriage, that left her feeling mentally unstable and depressed.
With the darkness behind her, Dasha, 32, is ready to find love again.
"I think Nick could be that special person," she says.
NW gets the goss on the mansion drama, her heartbreaking history and whether or not Nick would make a good dad to Leon.
Dasha, you made quite the impression. Nick seems to like you!
Dasha: Yes, I was surprised about that – he was like a child when I met him!
Did you feel you had to compete for his attention in week one?
Dasha: Everyone was trying to talk to him – he didn't know what to do with himself! It's crazy because I've never had to fight for anyone's attention.
If this happened to me in my real life, of course I would just walk away. So because I've never had to chase a man, I will not approach him first.
There's a bit of drama already with the 'three snakes' – Cat, Alisha and Romy. What do you think of all that?
Dasha: I don't like the idea of girls attacking each other. With Cat approaching Sophie about her dating her ex, I wouldn't have done that. Maybe later off camera, but I would never attack a girl on camera – especially on the first night!
I don't think it was a good move.
Why do you think she did it? Do you think she still has feelings for her ex?
Dasha: Maybe it's just some sort of insecurity because she is young...
Dasha made a big impression on Nick when they met! Watch the moment below.

You already have one child, do you want more kids?
Dasha: I'm not sure because I had a sad experience before I had my son, where I had a miscarriage, so I don't know... maybe.
I guess when you meet somebody special you just want to create something together. But I haven't met that person yet...

If you get to the end are you prepared to introduce Leon to Nick?
Dasha: Kids are so pure and open – and they say everything as it is. My son can distinguish a good person straight away, so he will be a great indicator of whether someone is genuine or not.
But to be honest, I was married already and I have a child, so I know what I want, and I won't settle for anything less than perfect. I would much rather be by myself because I actually really love being alone.

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