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It looks like Sean Thomsen has moved on from MAFS ex Tracey Jewel with a new girlfriend

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Married At First Sight doesn’t seem to have a great deal of success when it comes to finding everlasting love.

After a case of couple swapping Sean Thomsen thought he found the one in Tracey Jewel, but sadly it ended in a very messy break up.

Luckily for the Ellen look-alike, he’s begun a brand new chapter.

The 34-year-old set tongues wagging when he debuted his new “girlfriend” on his Instagram story AND posting a photo to the social media site.

Sharing a snap of himself with his arm wrapped around the lucky lady, he wrote, “Buffet at #Epicurean Crown Towers working on my quarter pounder.”

Then on his Instagram story, Sean posted a video of his “pal” drinking coffee, before showing fans that they saw the film Skyscraper.

Fans were quick to congratulate Sean, commenting, “So happy you found love, you deserve so much happiness.”

Is this Sean’s new lady?

Cheers! Sean enjoys a meal with a mystery blonde.

Sean is very pleased to have left his MAFS ex in the past.

Sean and Tracey’s five month romance ended back in May.

“I’m free and there are no dramas in my life anymore,” he told Woman’s Day.

“I can get fit, move to Melbourne and wake up each day knowing I’m not going to have an argument.”

“If I think back, there were probably warning signs when the reunion episode went to air,” he admitted.

“Before filming the show, we made a pact to have each other’s backs. But I was blindsided when I found out she’d sent pictures of herself in lingerie to Dean [Wells], saying, ‘Do you think Sean will like me in this?'”

“It made me furious. She said it was to make him jealous, but why would you want to make an ex-jealous while you’re in a committed relationship?”

Tracey, who has an eight-year-old daughter, was fixated on getting married quickly and having more children with Sean, right up until the week they split. “I wanted the same eventually,” says Sean, “But she wanted a ring immediately.

“We had too many issues to work through first and I knew we weren’t ready. Too many things weren’t adding up in our relationship and I developed trust issues.

“Issues like selling our break-up story to a magazine without consulting me. I woke up to that news and felt really betrayed. Who does that?

“I loved Tracey, but she became erratic and completely different to the girl I fell in love with. She’s got a book launch soon, but people can make their own minds up about whether she’s the best person to be dishing out advice for self-improvement.

“Too many things weren’t adding up in our relationship and I developed trust issues,” says Sean of his failed relationship with Tracey Jewel.

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