Married At First Sight

Inside MAFS' Sean and Tracey's shock new romance

Surprise! Sean and Tracey are apparently in love now.

By Bella Brennan
Step aside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because the real love story of our time is all about MAFS' shock new duo, Tracey Jewel and Sean Thomsen.
Sure it might seem like they didn't utter a single word to each other throughout the entire season of Married At First Sight but Trace, who was originally matched with Dean Wells, and Sean T, who got hitched to Blair Rachael for a hot minute, insist they're the real deal.
As the couple debut their romance, we answer all your burning questions! Including how the hell they actually got together, where Dean stands and what happens next!

How they started dating

After the last commitment ceremony where Tracey finally dumped Dean, the cast had six weeks off before reuniting for the final dinner party.
It's during this time that Tracey and Sean met up in their hometown of Perth.
"I knew Sean was back from Perth and once I got back to Perth we went for a drink to chat and debrief, and things went from there," the mother-of-one explained.
"We caught up after the experiment and we've got so much in common. It's been going so well. We all went on to find love, and I'm happy to say I've found love," Sean added of his shock new romance.
Trace is adamant that they didn't start their romance until she had split from Dean.
"Nothing happened until after the final commitment ceremony," she told The Daily Telegraph. "I barely spoke to Sean on the show because Dean and I had a lot of drama, we were separated from everyone else in another hotel."

Deano is still in the picture

Lingering around like a bad smell, Dean claims he's still besties with his ex Tracey and they text every day.
This in turn enraged Sean.
"Trace and I have been through a lot together. And now we have a strong relationship as friends and he can't handle that. I think he's jealous," Dean boasted at the dinner party.
When Sean and Dean have a man-to-man at the dinner party, Sean accuses Dean of bombarding Tracey with inappropriate texts.
Surprisingly, Dean remained level-headed while Sean totally lost his lid shouting profanities at his love rival.
However, the self-help author vouches to cut her ex-husband out of the picture.
"There is no need for me to have Dean in my life anymore," the reality star said to The Daily Telegraph.
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Tracey thinks she's better suited to Sean than Dean

Speaking to Talking Married, the Perth beauty explained of why they work: "Now I've spent more time with Sean than Dean, at this point in time. And it's not just the location in Perth, we have just so much in common."
"We even exchanged our goal lists for this year and they're pretty much exactly the same. We're both into self-development," Trace revealed.
"There are so many commonalities. I was really surprised," Sean mused.

Perfect match: "There are so many commonalities!"

They couldn't be happier

"It has been going really well. We are past the honeymoon, with the amount of stress from the show we were probably over that very quickly," Sean told The Daily Telegraph.
"I've fallen madly in love with someone and I didn't even see it coming," a smitten Tracey confessed.
What a wild ride. Good luck you two!
Sealed with a kiss!