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The Block is taking its toll: Is this the end for Scotty Cam?

Amid mounting controversies, the renovation star’s health has taken a turn for the worse
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He’s in terrific shape thanks to his heavy manual labour job 
and regular workouts at his home gym.

But after a recent shocking injury saw the 57-year-old rushed to hospital, there is speculation The Block host Scott Cam could be calling “tools down” for himself on the reality show once the current season wraps.

Scotty, who has hosted the Nine renovation hit since 2010, shocked fans after revealing he had been taken to hospital in an ambulance after suffering 
a gruesome injury recently.

“My neck just gave way a bit from 40 years of toil,” he says. “You get to my age and all of 
a sudden my neck was getting squashed and my vertebrae, the disc [blew out] and it squashed all the nerves.

“I’ve got a fairly high pain threshold… but this was like 
12 out of 10.”

Scared he was about to pass out, Scott says he screamed out to his wife Ann to call an ambulance, and within minutes he was on the operating table at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, where he underwent a four-hour procedure on his neck.

After a five-day stint, he was sent home but given strict orders to rest and not lift anything over 1kg.

The gruelling filming schedule has taken its toll on the host Image: Instagram


While Scotty mostly observes the construction on The Block, an insider says the intense filming schedule and his tendency to lend a hand 
is beginning to take its toll.

“He just can’t be doing that kind of hard labour any more,” 
a source close to the star tells Woman’s Day.

“He’s nearing 60 and he’s put his body under a lot of strain over the years.

“I know Ann wouldn’t want him on that set much longer.”

Scotty’s health woes aren’t the only cause for concern, with some fans beginning to turn their backs on him after 
a string of controversies.

His tendency to lend a hand on The Block is causing fears Scott’s health Image: Instagram


Last year, he was embroiled in a homophobic scandal involving The Block‘s gay contestants Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie, after 
making comments that he later said were a matter of “miscommunication”, adding that he was extremely upset 
by the incident.

He also faced a fierce public backlash after it was revealed he was receiving more than $340,000 from the Federal Government for his role as national careers ambassador.

Scott defended the taxpayer-funded payment, arguing that everyone has to make a living.

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