The Block

The Block host Scott Cam shares harsh truths for the contestants

‘If you don’t like it, leave!’

By Thomas Mitchell
Scott Cam isn't the kind of guy to get angry about nothing. For the most part, he's a low-maintenance man – no drama, no worries.
By his own admission, he's most happy kicking about on a worksite, having a yarn to his mates or taking a dip at Sydney's Bondi Beach. So you know that if he's worked up over something, well, it must be pretty serious.
This brings us to the new season of The Block, the reality program he's hosted since 2010.
For Scott, The Block is more than just his bread and butter – it's also a source of pride. And with reports that some contestants on the upcoming season have threatened to walk, he's not mincing words.
"No-one's holding you back, so pack your bags and head home, no dramas at all, and we'll get someone else to finish your apartment," Scott says when asked about the rumoured exits.
"We had 45,000 people apply for this season, so you will be replaced."
Shelley Craft and Scott Cam celebrate their 2018 Logies win for The Block.
They are tough words from a tough man, and it's clear some of the behaviour we'll see on screen has hit a nerve for the 55-year-old host.
"Laziness really gets under my skin," Scott explains.
"I can't stand people who don't give 100 per cent or at least have a crack.
"I can't cope with that at all, it's un-Australian. If you get on this show, you do your best and see how it goes."
Scott is taking no prisoners this season on The Block.
Fourteen seasons in and a stack of TV WEEK Logies to its name – including this year for Most Popular Reality Program – The Block is more competitive than ever. But so too is the reality TV landscape, meaning the high-rating series has to evolve.
This season, teams will be tasked with renovating the infamous Gatwick Hotel (a former hive of criminal activity) in St Kilda, Melbourne. It presents a new set of challenges for the contestants.
"We have to try to do things a bit differently on the show," Scott reveals.
"Not necessarily bigger and better, but different. It's the biggest construction we've ever taken on – there was a lot of demolition and a lot of steel going in, so it's been massive, no doubt about it."
The size of the job inevitably led to some teams attempting to cut corners, forcing Scott to step in.
"Look, everybody's trying to get an edge, because there's a lot at stake – it's life-changing stuff," he reasons.
"But they don't realise we're onto everything. I know what's going on every day. I know what everybody's saying. I have production meetings about what went down during the night. So you can't get away with anything."
Scott adds, laughing: "It's always fun for me to catch them!"
Scott Cam with his wife Ann at the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
The Block premieres Sunday 5th of August at 7pm, and continues Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, on the Nine Network.
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