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Your favourite reality TV show The Block is about to return for its 14th season and we know what that means… Insta-stalking the contestants!

All of the official Instagram pages are set up but so far there are no posts so you’ll need to check out their personal ones instead. Don’t worry though we’ve done all the hard work for you (you’re welcome!). Now you can just get to work on chipping away at the rabbit hole that is Instagram. Just a little head’s up that when you find yourself at one the contestant’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s page you’ve probably gone too far.

This season the four teams will renovate St Kilda’s infamous Gatwick hotel; a decrepit property that has seen its fair share of controversy over the years.

Shelley Craft and Scott Cam at the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards.

The Gatwick Hotel History

Dubbed ‘The Ghetto’, ‘Hotel Hell’ and ‘Hotel of Horrors’, the Gatwick saw 50 reported crimes – including rape, drug dealing, assault, theft and arson – in a six-month period in 2016, according to The Herald Sun.

Fear not though because as we all know if there’s one thing The Block can do, its turn a derelict and rundown property into a luxury, million-dollar home.

So sit back, relax and get those thumbs to work so you can learn all there is to know about this season’s Blockheads before the show starts!

Bianca and Carla (VIC)

Official Instagram handle: @biancaandcarla

Individual handles: @biancachatfield and @carlajaded

General vibe: Loads of snaps with family and friends just living their best life! Bianca has also written a book called ‘Every girl needs a plan’ which she is plugging through her ‘grams. She describes as a practical guide for girls who want a head start in life. We know these gal pals will be a kick-arse power duo this season!

Kerrie and Spence (SA)

Official Instagram handle: @kerrieandspence

Individual handles: @spencerthomson2018

General vibe: Having only joined the social media site in late June, Spence has only posted 7 pics. So far these consist of letting his followers know about their Block adventure as well as showing off his builder skills which we know will definitely come in handy on The Block!

Hayden and Sara (NSW)

Official Instagram handle: @haydenandsara

Individual handles: @haydenvale and @sarajean.t

General vibe: Hailing from Bondi and parents to toddler Harlow Rose, both Hayden and Sara’s Instagrams feature their beachie lifestyle as they navigate parenthood. Follow if you need some #famgoals in your life!

Courtney and Hans (WA)

Official Instagram handle: @courtneyandhans

Individual handles: @courtneybrown29 and @hansbaum

General vibe: Although Hans’ account is currently on private we can get a pretty good idea about their lives from Courtney’s page. The duo seemingly love settling down with a nice glass of wine (who doesn’t!) as well as documenting their travels around the globe – Courtney is a flight attendant and Hans a pilot.

Norm and Jess (QLD)

Official Instagram handle: @normandjess

Individual handles: @norm_insta and @jess_eva_here

General vibe: Norm only recently joined Instagram because his “Mrs” told him to as he points out in his first Instagram post. The rest of his page gives off the same laid-back vibe so far consisting of pictures of their cute fam as well as some behind the scenes snaps of The Block. Jess’ page is a bit more full but also suggests she doesn’t take herself too seriously and likes to simply have a laugh with her family and friends.

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