No wonder he's always smiling! Scott Cam's eye-watering side hustle salary will make your jaw drop


By Rebecca Sullivan
We know him as the host of Channel Nine's hit renovation show The Block, but it turns out Scott Cam has also snagged himself a little side hustle, working with the Australian federal government as their "national careers ambassador".
If you're wondering what on earth that job title actually means, basically Scott is tasked with promoting "vocational education", so trade apprenticeships like carpentry, plumbing and electrical, in a bid to get more young people into these sorts of jobs.
The 57-year-old, who has hosted The Block since 2010, did a three-year carpentry apprenticeship himself at age 17, and has worked as a TV presenter on shows such as Backyard Blitz since 2000, which heavily promote these sorts of jobs.
So it makes sense that the government would call on someone like Scott with a massive public profile, in order to get more young Australians to think about pursuing this career path.
But now, it's been revealed exactly how much money the government is paying Scott for this promotional work, and the amount is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
Guess that's why he's always smiling! Channel Nine
Scott is being paid $345,000 for just 15 months work, the government's Department of Employment and Skills told a Senate estimates committee this week.
On Thursday, the committee revealed that Scott would be paid $260,000 this financial year (so from July 2019 to June 2020) and $85,000 the following year (from July 2020 to June 2021).
According to AAP, Scott will work with the National Careers Institute, alongside government, industry, education providers, career advisors, parents and employers in an effort to improve the apprenticeship options provided to young people.
Does this mean Scott is looking for an exit plan post-The Block? Channel Nine
But the government has been criticised by Labor for paying Scott such a large sum of money, while at the same time cutting spending on vocational education.
Employment Minister Michaelia Cash defended The Block host's appointment - and his massive salary - arguing he would be seen as a role model for many young people.
"The appointment of Scott Cam is obviously to highlight the value of vocational education and training as an opportunity to provide an incredibly rewarding career," Senator Cash told the committee, AAP reported.
WATCH BELOW: Scott Cam under fire for "casual" joke. Story continues after video.
Scott has hinted that his time on The Block may be numbered, which explains why he is looking to diversify his income and lock down gigs outside TV hosting.
"I might be in trouble – another three years and I will be 60. That's staying in one show for a long time," he told TV WEEK in August.
While Scott says he's still contracted to the Nine Network "for quite a while yet", he said he's found himself fantasising about his retirement years recently.
"I was thinking about it the other day, 'What is going to happen next?'" he revealed.
"I like Australiana and I like Australian history. I like all things Australian really. So I would like to do a show about Australia – cooking in Australia, travelling in Australia and the Australian myths and legends ... with a bit of outdoor cooking mixed into it!"
Looks like we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for what gig Scott will take on next.

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