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Olivia Frazer spills the real reason she blocked Jessika Power amid messy MAFS “feud”

''I saw her and Dom having words about me.''
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Olivia Frazer has addressed her supposed “feud” with fellow Married At First Sight alum Jessika Power in an explosive Instagram Q&A.

Taking to her Stories on Sunday night, Olivia opened up on the tension between her and Jessika after fans questioned why she had blocked the season six bride on Instagram.

And would you believe it all comes back to Olivia’s on-screen rival, Domenica Calarco?

“I’m just going to answer this once. I saw her and Dom having words about me on a The Wash Online post,” Olivia revealed on Sunday.

Olivia has revealed why she blocked fellow MAFS alum Jessika power.

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“So I asked The Wash respectfully to turn the comments off, which they didn’t do so I blocked them because I was like ‘f—k you for encouraging bullying’.”

Olivia went on to say that the interaction between Domenica and Jessika made it clear to her that Jessika is “bothered” by her.

“And she’s a little bit subtle but obviously I bother her, obviously I annoy her,” she continued.

“So I just thought ‘I’ll save you some drama and I’ll block you because that way you don’t have to see me.”

Tensions between the two MAFS brides-turned-OnlyFans stars kicked off earlier in the year when Jessika slammed Olivia for “trying to be this victim” after her MAFS edit.

Jessika claimed to The Wash that “no one likes her because she’s a blatant b–tch”, with Olivia firing back on Instagram that she had “never been friends” with Jessika.

“I’ve only met her once and she was nice enough. I didn’t love that Wash documentary thing. It didn’t feel nice to be called a b–tch by someone I’d (at that point) never met,” she added.

“I get that enough from trolls, I don’t need it from people who have been in my shoes.”

Jessika previously called Olivia out for playing the “victim”.

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Olivia also addressed plastic surgery rumours and the cruel comments she receives daily from trolls during Sunday’s Q&A session.

When asked if she’d had a nose job, Olivia denied it and said she can’t understand why “people carry on about her nose”.

“No, my nose is exactly the same and I won’t be getting a nose job because I like it.”

And she didn’t hold back when one fan asked how she deals with all the cruel comments on her Instagram posts and elsewhere online.

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“Sometimes [it hurts] but then sometimes they’ll be like ‘you look like you’ve gained weight’ and then you click on their profile and they are legit an ogre,” Olivia fumed.

“F—k off Shrek back to the swamp.”

She also debunked rumours that she plans to move back to the UK since her split with Jackson, adding that any claims she met a man overseas and that caused their split are “completely untrue”.

“They’re really trying to guess why we broke up and they were getting it very wrong,” she said.

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