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MAFS fans claim this Instagram detail “proves” who was behind Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie’s dramatic split

Jackson hadn't shared a photo of Olivia in months.
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Married At First Sight fans are convinced they’ve uncovered new details about Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie’s split on Instagram, but can the claims be believed?

The MAFS stars announced they were going their separate ways in a joint Instagram post on Monday night, saying “no one is to blame” for the breakup.

However, eagle-eyed fans believe Jackson may have been the one to call it quits after a deep dive into his and Olivia’s social media profiles.

Before their breakup post, Jackson hadn’t shared a photo of Olivia to his account in almost three months, though she had appeared on his Stories.

This is the last photo Jackson posted with Olivia in May.

(Image: Instagram)

Their last selfie together was posted on May 15, when he and Olivia joined some friends for a day out at the Australian Reptile Park.

Since then he’s shared a number of photos, including several with other former MAFS grooms, but none featuring Olivia.

Reacting to the news of their split, one fan wrote on Facebook: “He hasn’t posted her in months, my money is on him dumping her.”

However, another hit back, saying that “not everyone has to post their partner all the time” and pointing out that the breakup seemed to be a mutual decision.

Olivia shared romantic photos like this as recently as July.

(Image: Instagram)

“She’s been overseas for months obviously he isn’t posting her he hasn’t been with her to take photos,” another wrote.

Olivia jetted off to the UK on her own in June, sparking rumours of a split that she was quick to refute at the time.

She assured fans that she and Jackson were as in love as ever and said he wasn’t going with her due to his busy schedule and training for an upcoming boxing match.

He also sent her a comedic life-size cut-out of himself for her birthday in July, suggesting the pair were still happily in a relationship.

And Olivia herself was quick to share a few romantic snaps when she touched back down in Australia at the end of July, including a candid snap of Jackson kissing her head at the airport.

Though the photos appear to debunk rumours the pair split before Olivia’s trip to the UK, some fans say the differences in their Instagram pages “proves” Jackson was the one behind the breakup.

“I’m calling it now, Jackson broke up with her. She’s always been more into him and he never posts her anyway,” one commented.

Others agreed that Olivia appeared more invested in the relationship, pointing to the pair’s final vows on MAFS when Jackson didn’t say “I love you” after Olivia did.

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But the teacher-turned-OnlyFans star has warned her followers not to believe this kind of online gossip, insisting she and Jackson are the only ones who know the truth about their split.

“Unless it comes from Jackson and I directly, do not believe anything,” she said on Instagram on Tuesday night.

“If there’s anything else to say, we will say it.”

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