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Olivia Frazer reveals the MAFS co-star who left her “heartbroken” after their fallout

Olivia also weighed in on her feud with Jessika Power.
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Olivia Frazer has revealed she was “heartbroken” when MAFS co-star Brent Vitiello abruptly cut her out of his life.

The reality star said on Instagram that she and boyfriend Jackson Lonie were incredibly close to Brent throughout filming, but while the season aired, he “ghosted” them.

“I was heartbroken when he started ghosting us. Then I saw videos of him standing with people who were chanting ‘f–k Olivia’ [and] I was enraged,” she said on Instagram, referring to Domenica Calarco’s post-MAFS party.

Olivia weighed in on her fallout with Brent Vitiello and Jess Power.

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“He’s never apologised for ghosting me or anything. He never reached out while MAFS was airing or after.

“He was our bestie while filming. He was at Jackson and mine’s flat all the time. He nicknamed us ‘mum and dad’. And the only time I’ve heard from him is some mean text he sent me about something that no one cares about.”

Olivia has previously spoken about her disappointment with losing friends from the experiment, revealing Al Perkins called and apologised for taking part in Domenica’s party.

Olivia said Brent was her “bestie” during filming.

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For MAFS fans who missed the drama, Olivia’s arch-nemesis Domenica hosted a MAFS finale screening that featured a poster which read: “We don’t serve any Olivias”.

Elsewhere on her Q&A, Olivia weighed in on her feud with former MAFS star Jessika Power.

Tension started brewing between the pair when Jessika slammed Olivia for “trying to be this victim” and telling The Wash that “no one likes her because she’s a blatant b–tch”.

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The drama only heated up when Olivia claimed she made more money on OnlyFans than Jessika.

“I won’t say a figure but I’ll just say that I’ve already made more than Jess Power’s best month,” she told So Dramatic!

Olivia said on her Q&A that while she and Jess have “never been friends,” she was disappointed in her comments.

Olivia said she was disappointed by Jessika Power’s judgement of her.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’ve only met her once and she was nice enough. I didn’t love that Wash documentary thing. It didn’t feel nice to be called a b–tch by someone I’d (at that point) never met.

“I get that enough from trolls, I don’t need it from people who have been in my shoes.”

But it seems not all love is lost, with Olivia adding: “I’ve only met her the one time. She’s cool, the type of girl you’d want to get drunk and go shopping with.”

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