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Will Nadia walk away from My Mum Your Dad with her future husband?

'I'm falling in love'.
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It’s love! In the final week of My Mum Your Dad, Nadia drops the L word while on a date with Masi.

So have the two of them found their happy ever after – or will family get in the way?

Nadia says she felt an instant connection with Masi.

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Personal trainer and events planner Nadia, 47, tells TV WEEK she felt an instant connection with landscaping business owner Masi when she walked into the retreat.

“It just went like, ‘Bang!'” she remembers. “It felt like I knew him already.”

But even she was surprised at how quickly the strong feelings began to develop.

“We’d only been there for a week, whatever, but you feel like you’ve known that person for six months because you’re sitting there talking that whole time,” she explains.

Nadia says she hasn’t had feelings like this for someone in a long time.

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“Everything is intense. It’s like dating on steroids.”

The mum of five, who separated from her first husband 12 years ago, says she hadn’t experienced feelings like this in a very long time.

“It feels beautiful. It just feels safe and warm. It puts a smile on your face.”

But there’s an issue. Nadia, who was born in Africa, doubts her family would ever fully accept Masi because he’s not Muslim.

“My family would expect me to be with someone from the same religion,” she says.

“You don’t want to disappoint your family, and their approval would mean the world to me.”

“In my culture, whether you’re Muslim or Christian, it’s very conservative. Forget about TV – even going on dating apps is still frowned on.”

Will Nadia have to choose between her family and Masi?

Nadia’s daughter, Mona, is excited to see her mum so happy with someone.

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Meanwhile, Nadia’s daughter Mona has been watching everything from the bunker, along with Masi’s son Harper and the other single parents’ kids.

“We all got along quite well,” Mona, 25 tells TV WEEK. “I thought to myself, ‘No matter who becomes my stepbrother or stepsister, I’m happy with it because they’re all sweethearts.'”

Mona was thrilled to see her mum say she was falling in love. “It was like, ‘Mission accomplished!'” she laughs. “It was nice to see her all butterflies and cheesy smiles.”

Having loved her experience on My Mum Your Dad, Mona would like to do more TV – and maybe this time, she would be the one looking for love.

“I would definitely do a dating show, either MAFS or Love Island. Whatever opportunity came to me I would just be like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!'”

Here’s hoping family expectations won’t affect the new couple’s romance.

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