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The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition has crowned its 2023 winners

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It was a difficult season riddled with high emotions as a wide-eyed celebrities entered the heart of absolute chaos, but now The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition 2023 has come to an end.

In a shock finale twist, the 2023 season didn’t end with just one winner…

The Amazing Race Australia 2023 winners!

(Credit: Ten)

Three final teammates: Emma and Hayler, Allie and Angie, and Darren and Tristan survived all the trials The Amazing Race had to offer.

The competition began in New Delhi, then to India, Malaysia, Cambodia and to the final pit stop, Borneo.

The teams all started on equal footing, and fans can agree we were on the edge of our seats as the teams were neck-and-neck through Kuala Lumpur.

Daren and Tristan could have take The Amazing Race win for themselves but chose to wait for the other contestants.

(Credit: Ten)

Darren and Tristan were the first to arrive at the final pitstop, however, the boys hesitated to go onto the matt. That was until their fellow contestants arrived, for all three to be crowned the winners of The Amazing Race 2023.

“Listen, it was our decision… We didn’t want to step on the carpet without everyone here. We don’t want to take first… We want to wait for all of you and do it together because we think that we all deserve something for our charities,” Darren told Emma and Hayley.

“We couldn’t take this [win]. We’ve all worked so hard on this.”

“All three teams today could have won, so to be able to share it with the girls, it’s awesome. It’s so good.”

In doing so, the three teams each claimed a portion of the $100,000 prize money for their selected charity.

They revealed that this wasn’t a last-minute decision for them, “We had discussed the night before, if we are in the position where we can win, we think it’s right maybe to share the charity money with everyone.”

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Darren revealed that the final was not as close as the audience may have thought.

“Well, there was a little bit of TV magic last night as well because it may have looked like it was a lot closer than it was. Really, Emma and Hayley were way ahead of us up until the last challenge.”

Darren and Tristan reflected on their decision to go on the show.

“I always watched the Amazing Race growing up, it always looked like so much fun.” Darren started.

“They were always jumping out of planes, scuba diving, doing things you wouldn’t do in your day-to-day life.”

“So I was under the impression that we would also be doing that, reality was they didn’t want to let us do any of that, wanted us to suffer by eating bull penis and being covered in snakes.” Daren laughed.

Tristan admitted, “It was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve had to do but by far the most rewarding.”

Darren and Tristan were racing on behalf of Feel the Magic; Ali and Angie were racing for Dementia Australia; and Emma and Hayley were racing for Deaf Connect.

The decision to split the money didn’t upset their chosen charity at all, “It’s in the spirit of Feel the Magic, a charity that’s all about being inclusive.”

“So that’s what it’s all about, more so than the money, even, it’s the exposure these charities get and learning that there is a place there.”

“If you are a child and you’ve lost a loved one, there is a place that you can go and be with people who could not be exactly the same because you have a real support network there.”

You can donate or learn more about Feel the Magic here!

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