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MKR 2023 cast sneak peek: meet mother and son duo!

Does mum Sonia or son Marcus know best in the kitchen?
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My Kitchen Rules is so close that we can almost taste it!

Get ready to drool over food envy as everyday cooks prove that their kitchen rules.

While you wait for Manu to grace our TV screens, meet your new fave contestant, mother Sonia, and son Marcus!

Will mum Sonia be able to teach son Marcus cooking skills in time for the MKR kitchen?

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After Sydney couple Janelle and Monzir won last year, preparing 100 plates of food in a four-course meal in the grand finale…

We can only imagine what this year’s grand final will be like!

Especially since 2023’s winner was only a couple of points apart from runners-up Kate and Mary.

We can’t wait to hear what foodie advice Manu is giving.

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Grab the popcorn, as a little birdy told us that mother and son fight like cats and dogs (who love each other).

The question is, will their banter spice up the kitchen or burn their food…

Which they then have to serve up to esteemed MKR judges for 2023: Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, and Nigella Lawson.

Or will the mother and son duo crash and burn before they get a chance to prove themselves to the judges?

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Sonia and Marcus may be based in the beautiful city of Adelaide, but their roots will always be in the food capital of the world, Italy.

We’re already excited to go travelling as they guide us through the delicious Italian food they dish up!

Who needs an expensive plane ticket to experience good food when you could just learn multicultural recipes from MKR?

Get ready for this family to grab your attention, as we are told they’re loud, passionate, and sure to entertain in and out of the kitchen!

The official image of Sonia and Marcus on My Kitchen Rules.

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Just be careful not to get bitten, as Sonia often gets outraged by the mess Marcus the ‘tornado’ leaves behind… in response, Marcus doesn’t listen to her, annoyed at his mum’s ‘kitchen-perfect’ perfectionism…

Which you can imagine doesn’t go well for either in the kitchen or for the innocent cuisine.

“If they (the judges and the guest teams) could see what was going on, they would think they were at the circus,” Sonia says while juggling cooking and her son.

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Get inspired by judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge as they travel across our great country to meet Australians like us in their instant restaurants… proving why they cook best.

Before international superstar Nigella Lawson finds out what they’re really made of in Kitchen Headquarters!

Find out which state will win best cuisine on My Kitchen Rules, coming soon to Channel Seven and Seven Plus.

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