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My Kitchen Rules winners: Where are they now?

We know about Pete and Manu, but what about the rest?

With a new year comes a new season of My Kitchen Rules. And we're preparing ourselves for more pot stirring, both literally and figuratively.
Over the years, we've seen a range of characters prove to Manu Feildel and Pete Evans that they are Australia's best amateur cooking duo from the fierce and fiesty to the sweet and smiley.
"We always want to get a good mix," Manu previously explained to Now To Love of the casting process.
"Food is number one but we also want to have different personalities. It's like a puzzle - we need to put the pieces together. "
It's been a decade since My Kitchen Rules hit our screens. Ahead of the new season, we find out what the past champs have been cooking up.

Season one: Veronica and Shadi (2010)

The first ever MKR winners are proud parents of four. (Image: Channel Seven)
When this loved-up duo first entered the series they said their dream was to have kids in "abundance". Eight years later, the duo certainly made that dream a reality and have four children, Antonia, six, Elena, four, Giselle, three, and one-year-old Julius.
The Abrahams also went on to open Ave' Cucina & Coffee Bar in Coorparoo, Queensland but due to their busy schedules have traded in their ownership.

Season two: Sammy and Bella (2011)

Since their big win, the Polish Jakubiak sisters have launched a Sydney-based catering company called Bella's Feast.
They've also opened up Sammy's Burger Bar and make regular TV appearances cooking up culinary delights on Seven's The Morning Show.

Season three: Leigh and Jennifer (2012)

The "princesses" weren't on speaking terms after the show finished filming. (Image: supplied)
Arguably the first controversial couple to enter the show, Leigh Saxton and Jennifer Evans were instantly dubbed "princesses" by viewers.
The former best friends were not on speaking terms after the show wrapped.
"I'd send her 'Hello, how are you?' texts or an email, and nothing would come back to me, and it's really sad," Leigh revealed to Woman's Day.

Season four: Dan and Steph (2013)

Queenslanders Dan and Steph are proud parents to Emmy. (Image: Instagram @danandsteph13)
The self-confessed underdogs opened up their restaurant, Eat @ Dan & Steph's in Hervey Bay, Queensland.
In 2015, the Mulherons gave birth to a daughter, Emmy, via IVF and shortly after launched their own children's clothing range, Eat with Emmy.

Season five: Bree and Jessica (2014)

The mums took the MKR crown in 2014. (Image: Channel Seven)
Mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich won the heart of the nation not only with their yummy creations but by their friendly approach to the competition.
Despite claims that their friendship dwindled under the pressure, the ladies are still as thick as thieves – Jess is the children's chef at Casa Bambini Early Learning, while Bree works in catering and has her own ketchup line, Ketchup According To Bree.

Season six: Will and Steve (2015)

The Gourmet Pommies took the title in 2015. (Image: Instagram @willandsteve)
The cooking careers of former bankers Will Stewart and Steve Flood, dubbed "The Gourmet Pommies", went gangbusters post-MKR.
The pair enjoyed stints on Studio 10, released a cookbook, Home Cook, Aspiring Chef, and head up Butcher & The Farmer restaurant as executive chefs.

Season seven: Tasia and Gracia (2016)

Since their win, the Seger sisters have launched their own catering company, Tasia & Gracia, offering up private dining experiences for a range of events and celebrations.
They've also capitalised on merchandising, selling everything from Tasia & Gracia aprons to branded satay sauce.
The twenty-something sisters opened their restaurant Makan in 2018. (Image: Instagram @makaninmelbourne)

Season eight: Amy and Tyson (2017)

Serious foodies Amy and Tyson were crowned the 2017 winners. (Image: Instagram @mykitchenrules)
Dubbed the best home cooks of 2017, the Murr siblings' culinary career path has been a slow burner.
"I've been working really hard this past year to follow my dreams and become a qualified chef and today there's proof in the pudding," Tyson told Instagram followers in November last year.
On a personal note, Chef Tyson is looking very loved up with his girlfriend Kennie Merkley who embarked on a foodie tour of Tasmania in October 2018 and both Amy and Tyson are still in contact with fellow contestants Della Muscat and Tim Attiwill.
It's an MKR 2017 reunion! (Image: Instagram @amyjeanmurr)

Season nine: Alex and Emily (2018)

The show's most recent winners would love to do a cooking show together. (Image: Instagram @mykitchenrules)
They've only been off air a little while, but already partners Alex Clark and Emily O'Kane have been busy cooking up a future together. The pair announced their engagement in October 2018. Emily broke down in tears after Alex got down on one knee at sunset on Venice Beach in LA.
"After 'macgyvering' my way to get this organised and hidden from the most beautiful but nosiest woman I know, the day couldn't of been more perfect, sunsets on Venice beach are pretty special so had to make the most on the backdrop! She had no idea, there were tears, there were laughs and there was a YES!!!" Alex captioned his Instagram post.
The 2018 winners are set to tie the knot! (Image: Instagram @alexemilyau)

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