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My Kitchen Rules 2023 winners Radha and Prabha what’s next and the judges final piece of advice

''We're all winners.''
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Not every contestant could withstand the heat in the kitchen and in an intense Grand Finale of My Kitchen Rules 2023, the winner was revealed to be twins Radha and Prabha from Team NSW.

Upon their incredible defeat, the girls were in absolute shock, especially Prabha who said “we won” in utter disbelief. In an exclusive interview with TV WEEK, the girls revealed the feelings were “fresh” after having to discover their win with the nation.

Sisters Radha and Prabha have won!

(Image: Channel Seven)

“We are absolutely stoked and it’s a very surreal moment right now,” Prabha said.

“The struggle that we were having in the kitchen, we were not only dealing with our emotions but the complexity of each dish. There were points where we were just happy to put something out of the plate to be honest,” Radha jokingly responded.

While the two finalist teams were both crying with joy following the MKR Grand Finale, it was Prabha and Radha’s mother who was the proudest of all.

“She was so ecstatic and happy; happy tears and she was just very proud of us,” Radha said.

Christian and Nick are the 2023 finalists.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Prabha responded: “She even told us that ‘if you win or lose, you’ve made me proud; you’ve made your ancestors proud. Take that on your shoulders because who guys have done something that this whole family and the ancestors will see what you try to do with the recipes, I entrusted you with’.”

Although the win is still sinking in for MKR 2023 champions, however, they are thinking a cookbook will be on the horizon soon, featuring some ‘Twinbian’ recipes and debunking traditional perceptions on Indian food.

A mentality that will continue to guide their cooking after MKR judges Colin Fassnidge and Manu Feildel gave the girls one final piece of advice.

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“They told us to keep cooking and stay true to yourself and to the way that you cook because that’s your food identity,” Radha said.

“They said we have inspired the next generation of little girls who are watching at home, because that’s exactly where we started watching MKR.”

While the twins smashed the competition by a nail-biting two points, Prabha felt Nick and Christian “should be celebrating” because “we’re all winners.”

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