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My Kitchen Rules’ twins Radha and Prabha hope to make their mum proud

‘This is for you mum.'
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Identical twins Radha and Prabha were left “speechless” and “very teary” when they received perfect 10s from the judges at their My Kitchen Rules instant restaurant.

They’d achieved their aim of making their mum proud.

The are making their mum proud.

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“As a single mum – our dad died when we were two – we look to her not only as our idol, but as our best friend,” Radha tells TV WEEK. “We’ve seen the struggle she’s gone through to raise us, especially with no family here.

“If this is one avenue where we can say, ‘Mum, look what you’ve taught us – and look, it’s being received well by everyone,’ it will be a beautiful acknowledgement of her.”

Radha says her father’s death was “kind of sudden”.

“We’re each other’s wingwoman!”

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“He was diagnosed with cancer and spent most of the time in hospital,” she explains. “He said to my mum, ‘Make sure you take care of the girls. I’m good with the doctors.'”

Losing her father young, inspired Prabha to go into cancer research.

“Being a part of all the work they do to find cures and treatments that prolong the lives of children or adults, just to be with their family… that type of passion and motivation really stems from our family life,” Prabha explains.

The 26-year-olds from Western Sydney say they’re telepathic – and have even felt each other’s pain. When they were in primary school, Prabha had an operation on her foot.

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“I was at school and felt pain in my foot, so I went to the nurse,” Radha remembers. “She said, ‘No, there’s nothing wrong,’ but they rang my mum, and she told the nurse, ‘Prabha is in the operating theatre – Radha is probably just feeling what Prabha is.'”

One way the twins do differ from each other: they’re not attracted to the same men.

“We’re each other’s wingwoman!” Radha says with a laugh.

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