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Arguments are heating up on My Kitchen Rules! The 2023 season kicks off with a feud

There's drama in the kitchen.
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Cooking competitions are the breeding grounds for stress, and despite being a family show, it should come as no surprise My Kitchen Rules 2023 has some feuding contestants.

However, some fans aren’t too impressed with the “controversy.”

Did MKR ‘gatecrashers’ Aaron and Chris have a “tatic”?

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During the Instant Restaurant round, ‘gatecrasher’ Aaron was made some wild statements regarding other “basic” teams. Which led to Melbourne contestant Christian accusing Chris and Aaron of sabotage.

Chris and Aaron firstly gave poor reviews to Claudean and Anthony’s dish, despite everyone else praising it.

“I don’t necessarily think it was a threatening start,” Chris said of the entree. “We want to be impressed, and if someone doesn’t impress us with a dish, well they’re going to hear about it.”

He then continued to say the main meal was “underwhelming” and “lacks a bit of flavour,” when Christian accused the team of trying to “throw everyone off.”

“I think Aaron and Chris are very, very critical of what was a very, very good dish,” he said. “Is this a tactic? Are they trying to throw everyone off?”

Coco and Pearls were the first team to be eliminated from MKR.

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The first feud began during the MKR 2023 premiere when Claudean was unafraid to voice her issues in front of fellow contestants and judges.

The first feud came after ‘feisty friends’ Coco and Pearl ‘flirted’ with Claudean’s husband Anthony.

“Have you heard before you look like George Clooney? Claim it, own it,” Coco asked Anthony.

When Claudean snipped back: “Stop flirting with him.”

The ‘George Clooney’ comment didn’t sit well with Claudean.

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She later told cameras: “The Barbie twins really got up my schnoz. I am very direct; I just say it like it is. I think I’m going to be the most hated woman in Australia.”

The NSW best friends admitted to the camera crew they were thrown off by Claudean’s comments.

“She had an attitude, yeah. Just weird vibes from her, to be honest,” Coco said.

“She knows she’s got a sexy husband right next to her,” Pearls added.

MKR premiered on September 4.

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Within the same episode, Claudean then called fellow contestant Christian a “wanker,” to which Coco responded: “Old lady, please stop.”

In response, Christian muttered a response in French.

“Stop speaking that crap in front of me,” she said.

WATCH: MKR 2022 Alice and Frena clash. Article continues after the video.

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However, MKR fans weren’t thrilled by the feuds firing up so early within the competition as some took to Instagram to share their thoughts.

“I love this show but WHY does there have to be controversy and drama? Just cook!” one fan wrote.

To which one responded: “agreed that’s why I stopped watching.”

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