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Everything you need to know about My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023!

MKR cast, premiere date, filming locations + MORE!
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My Kitchen Rules is back for a bold new season in 2023! Season 13 of the cooking competition series will show celebrity chefs Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge, and guest Nigella Lawson, travel across the country to meet some of the most passionate home cooks.

Continue scrolling to find out more on the return of MKR – including who is judging, who is competing, and when you can watch!

Who are the My Kitchen Rules judges?

Manu and Nigella are returning for another round!

(Image: Channel Seven)

Seasoned judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge will be joining forces once more to co-host the new season of MKR, but they are set to be joined by one more familiar face.

Much to fans delight, international food superstar Nigella Lawson will also be returning back to the kitchen to taste what the very best home cooks of Australia have to offer.

In a statement released by Channel Seven, Manu said he was ”looking forward” to another season of MKR.

”I can’t wait to meet our new teams, eat some gorgeous food and work with my good mate Colin,” Manu said. ”And it’s so wonderful to have my dear friend Nigella back to join us in Kitchen HQ.”

Colin Fassnidge has recently completed judging the New Zealand version of the show alongside fellow Australian judge (and real life best friend) Manu.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Colin was also quick to share in his excitement about the new season.

”I’m looking forward to getting out on the road, meeting the teams and working with Nigella and my favourite Frenchman, Manu,” Colin said, with Nigella adding that she was ”thrilled” to be returning.

”It combines two of my favourite pastimes: championing home cooking and eating wonderful Australian food,” Nigella said.

Who are the 2023 My Kitchen Rules contestants?

Aaron and Chris, SA/NSW

These BBQ besties met on Instagram back in 2018 and bonded over their love of meat. Since then, they’ve competed in BBQ competitions around Australia before hitting the major leagues on MKR.

The boys are known for their epic pork crackling and homemade ice cream.

Aaron and Chris are representing SA and NSW.

(Image: Seven)

Amber and Mel, NSW

Childhood friends with a competitive streak could make these intruder chefs the ones to watch this competition. But when they cook together, their bubbly energy is contagious.

“Growing up, I would bake with Nana. I learned the basics young and self-taught from there,” Amber told Seven.

Mel is hoping to incorporate her Lebanese in-law’s recipes with a fusion of her Aussie background.

Amber and Mel are childhood friends from NSW.

(Image: Seven)

Patricija and Brigita, QLD

Queensland sisters are the complete opposite in personalities. Patricija can rub some people the wrong way with her dry sense of humor, her sister Brigita is chilled and easy-going.

“We are yin and yang in many ways, but also very independent and focused cooks. We can criticise and guide each other without hurting the other person,” Patricija said.

Brigita added: “We are quite different, but we always have each other’s backs. We have di erent strengths in the kitchen.”

Patricija and Brigita are representing QLD.

(Image: Seven)

Coco and Pearls, NSW

Friends Coco and Pearls are known for sending food back at restaurants, and they were just as critical on MKR.

New Zealand-born singer Coco, 31, and Pearls, 36, from the Czech Republic, believe their own cooking skills are “exceptional”. Coco describes herself as a “creative” cook, while Pearls says she’s “passionate”.

“I hate following recipes,” Pearls adds. “They confuse you.”

Coco and Pearl were the first team to be eliminated from the competition.

Coco and Pearls have been eliminated from MKR.

(Image: Supplied)

Nick and Christian, Vic

Nick, 36, and Christian, 34, met while studying drama at university but now both work in the hospitality industry.

Nick is a venue manager at a pub while Christian is a restaurant supervisor. Best mates who’ve lived together, they say their team dynamic is “solid”.

“We understand each other very well and know when to push or pull,” Nick explains.

Nick and Christian representing Victoria for My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023.

(Image: Supplied)

Radha and Prabha, NSW

26-year-old identical twins Radha and Prabha claim they can read each other’s minds – and they think that ability could help them win MKR.

Prabha, who is older by two minutes, works in cancer research, while Radha is studying to be a lawyer.

“People do definitely underestimate us when we’re together, as sweet little twins, but we are super competitive,” Prabha says.

Radha and Prabha also represent New South Wales for My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023.

(Image: Supplied)

Sonia and Marcus, SA

Sonia, 53, teaches food tech at high school, while her son Marcus is a food photographer who made a name for himself on TikTok by reviewing chicken parmigianas. They both love cooking, but have very different styles, which leads to arguments in the kitchen.

“As a team, we’re great,” Sonia says. “But when the wheels fall off, it’s a little bit chaotic.”

Sonia and Marcus representing South Australia for My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023.

(Image: Supplied)

Claudean and Anthony, QLD

Claudean, 52, and Anthony, 49, have been together 25 years and have a blended family, plus two children of their own.

They run a market stall selling Italian food and Anthony also has a floor-sanding business. With Claudean being loud and opinionated and Anthony super-chill, they make a great team.

“I am the leader and often change my mind,” Claudean says.

Claudean and Anthony representing Queensland for My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023.

(Image: Supplied)

Tommy and Rachel, WA

Hipsters Tommy and Rach, both 30, are very affectionate with each other, and people often assume they’re a couple.

But Tommy, who freelances in branding and graphic design, and Rachel, who works in fashion, styling and modelling, are just friends and housemates who love cooking together.

“When we team up and we jump in the kitchen, we get up to no good,” Tommy laughs.

Tommy and Rach representing Western Australia for My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023.

What is the prize if you win My Kitchen Rules?

The winning team of MKR has traditionally taken home an incredible $100,000 in prize-money to help them realise their food dreams.

MKR 2022 winners Janelle and Monzir have opened up restaurants and cafes, published cookbooks, launched their own foodie products and the list goes on!

Which team do you think will win this years My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023?

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Just like previous seasons, the 2023 season of MKR will be filmed across the country at the homes (and kitchens) of contestants, very different from the industrial-style kitchen set up on MasterChef Australia.

But when will My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023 come back to our screens?

Mark your calendars for Monday, 4th September at 7:30pm when My Kitchen Rules premieres on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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