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Oh how the cookie has crumbled for Mimi on Survivor

This player got caught red handed elbow deep in the cookie jar and it cost her, BIG TIME.
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Mimi (or should we say the cookie monster) has been given the boot from the villains tribe in spectacular fashion, taking a strategic risk that for her, unfortunately didn’t pay off.

To recap, the villains tribe won a jar of cookies in the episode three rewards challenge.

In the dead of night, Mimi went digging in the cookie jar looking for a hidden advantage but came up short. But not before other contestants caught wind of her actions.

Speaking to TV Week the morning after her on screen elimination, Mimi admitted she was ”relieved” to see that her final episode had aired.

”It was crazy,” Mimi admitted about how she felt watching the episode back.

”I seriously feel like I have the same emotions that I did watching as I did on the island [Samoa].”

Mimi was caught red handed….

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Question is, does Mimi regret how the cookie crumbled?

”I don’t regret it at all [going elbow deep into the cookie jar],” Mimi laughs.

”If I had found something it would have been great for my game. I would have hated myself and had more regrets if I hadn’t taken the chance of rummaging through the jar.

”I’m a risk taker so I always take the whole opportunity.”

According to Mimi, what happened in real time in the dead of night wasn’t what happened on screen.

”With the whole cookie situation it did seem that Liz [Parnov] was watching me without my knowledge but I knew she was watching. We actually had a conversations prior about whether I should go for it and she said ‘yeah, do it.”’

Simon ultimately secured a hidden idol at the bottom of the jar. Clearly Mimi didn’t dig deep enough.

This villain describes herself as a ”different type of player.”

(IMAGE: Ten)

But moving on from what we have decided to call the great cookie scandal of 2023, Mimi also opened up about her role as peacekeeper in the villains tribe which audiences saw play out when the villains raided the heroes tribe.

To rejig your memory, the villains (most George) trashed the campsite, pillaging and plundering to their hearts content. But it was Mimi who was the voice of reason, imploring her tribemates to ”put the machetes down” and leave some food for the heroes.

”I’m actually surprised they (especially George) listened to me,” Mimi said.

”I think I’m just a different kind of villain, I was quite different to the rest of my tribe.

”I’m quite savvy, more logical, I don’t let my emotions drive me so much.”

Mimi was the voice of reason in the villains tribe.

(IMAGE: Ten)

When pressed on what players did let their emotions drive them, Mimi was quick to respond: ”Michael”.

So who does Mimi think will win?

”Shonee and Liz bonded straight away and Jordie and Simon have a natural connection and bromance. I think George will make it far too.

”I just hope a villain wins, otherwise how boring!”

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