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Meet the contestants of MasterChef Australia 2023: Secrets and Surprises

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Foodies rejoice! MasterChef Australia is back for another season. And if you thought last year’s Foodies vs Favourites contestants were skilled, get ready for even more culinary show-stoppers with the eighteen-strong class of 2023.

Beloved stars Jock Zonfrillo, Andy Allen and Melissa Leong are also returning to their judging positions this year.

The season winner stands to walk away with not only a life-changing experience, but $250,000 in prize money. Who will be the lucky winner?

Keep scrolling to meet the talented at home stars for the brand new season, premiering on Monday, May 1st from 7:30pm on 10 and 10Play.

Cath Collins, VIC

Cath is an Administration Manager.

(Image: Ten)

Cath wouldn’t label herself as a sweet or savoury specialist, she loves all types of food!

As a mum and one of ten children, Cath is ready for any challenge. She hopes to launch a cafe which serves high tea, but also offers cooking classes to anyone interested.

Ralph Kahango, WA

Ralph is an Auditor.

(Image: Ten)

Ralph was taught his skills in the kitchen by his mum, but his knowledge on flavour is credited to his older brother and sister.

Growing up in Zimbabwe and South Africa before moving to Australia when he was 17, Ralph cannot want to share traditional cuisine, culture and traditions with the MasterChef Australia judges.


Alice is a boss!

(Image: Ten)

She may be a studious young woman, but Alice’s passion lies with food.

In just 29 years, she has accomplished so much already from speaking four languages, her work has been published in the Wall Street Journal and studied at Harvard University. Next on the list? Become a cook, writer and entrepreneur in the culinary industry.

Larissa Sewell, SA

Larissa’s inspiration is her beloved babushka.

(Image: Ten)

Her culinary roots have been shaped by her Ukrainian and Russian roots and describes her cooking style as “generous, abundant and flavourful”.

Larissa hopes to open her own small cooking school, and aims to one day write about food, culture and her love of travel.

Brent Draper, QLD

Prioritising his mental health, Brent decided to leave the Masterchef kitchen in the 2020 season. Back and better than ever, Brent is ready to stun the judges and all of us with his amazing flavours!

(Image: Ten)

You may recognise Brent, after he competed in season 13 but made the decision to prioritise his mental health and leave MasterChef.

But he is back and is ready to tackle any challenge! Brent hopes his prior experience may give him the upper hand.

Adi Nevgi, VIC

Adi is ready to chase her dreams.

(Image: Ten)

Primary a self-taught chef, Adi is inspired by flavours from around the globe and her ancestral Indian cuisine.

Adi understands cooking to be the perfect marriage of academic and creative pursuits. She has already started writing her own cookbook.

Amy Tanner, VIC

Fan first, now she’s a competitor.

(Image: Ten)

Amy and her mum have been a major MasterChef fan for years. But now this potential rising star has her own apron and ready to make her own mark on the cooking series.

Watch out for the humble anchovy she tries to incorporate everywhere.

Andrea Puglisi, WA

He can’t resist an Italian dish.

(Image: Ten)

Born and raised in northern Italy, Andrea’s cooking never strays too far away from his roots in particular cooking pasta sauces from scratch.

Andrea has had experience in all areas of hospitality, but now its his time to shine and show off his kiss in Mediterranean, pescatarian, Italian skills in the kitchen.

Antonio Cruz Vaamonde, NSW

Antonio loves desserts.

(Image: Ten)

Venezuelan-born Antonio moved to Australia in 2015 and was encouraged to apply for MasterChef by his greatest supporter, his grandma who passed away during the pandemic.

In the kitchen, he loves desserts, pastries, sweets, Italian flavours, Asian cuisine and barbeques. But his dream is to share his creations in a place where people could gather with their loved ones.

Declan Cleary, NSW

Chippy by day…

(Image: Ten)

Declan is a chippy by day, but his secret is a passion for cooking!

This 24-year-old describes himself as an eccentric cook and is inspired by his travels, but his preference is fish. Desserts may prove to be a challenge however.

Grace Jupp, VIC

She has a long list of achievements.

(Image: Ten)

Grace has spent hours upon hours learning in the kitchen with her mum and Baba.

As a wife, step-mum, business owner, uni graduate and cooking enthusiast, Grace hopes to add MasterChef winner to her list of achievements.

Jessica Perri, VIC

Her Nonna’s taught her everything.

(Image: Ten)

Jessica was taught how to cook with her two Nonnas. But after her Nonna passed away, she took on the responsibility of continuing her family’s legacy through food.

By competing on MasterChef, she hopes to represent a good example to her two children.

Malissa Fedele, SA

Malissa hopes to write a cookbook.

(Image: Ten)

Italian cuisine is a clear favourite for nutritionist Malissa.

With food being a major part of her work, she aims to create a healthy lifestyle and better dietary choices to support women’s emotional and physical health. One day, she hopes to write her own cookbook.

Phil Conway, VIC

Phil is a Fitness Studio Manager and Instructor.

(Image: Ten)

In 2022, this contestants spent a month in Veneto wine region in Italy, learning how to make traditional recipes and pasta sauces from scratch. He’s also spent time with winemakers across the globe!

Phil hopes to open his own wine bar while continuing to explore his love for food and wine.

Rhiannon Anderson, QLD

Rhiannon really followed in her mum’s footsteps.

(Image: Ten)

Bold and punchy flavours will by Rhiannon’s secret weapon! Her passion for cooking was passed down by her mum who was also a chef. Before her mum’s passing in 2021, she was pushing Rhiannon to apply for MasterChef.

Now she hopes to write a cookbook full of three-course dinner party menus dedicated to her mum.

Robbie Cooper, NT

Robbie is a proud Iwaidja man.

(Image: Ten)

Robbie’s cooking style is an “Aboriginal Asian fusion” and loves to dish up modern Australian cuisine.

He hopes to host food experiences on country and invite people to camp, catch, cook, connect and learn about the oldest continuing living culture on earth.

Rue Mupedzi, WA

Rue moved from Zimbabwe when she was just 15.

(Image: Ten)

Rue’s life was changed when she experienced her first fine-dining in Sydney in 2014. She loves eat at restaurants just to return home and attempt to recreate the dish.

In 2021, she launched her own macaroon business. Clearly a skilled dessert chef, however Rue is comfortable cooking savoury.

Theo Loizou, VIC

He’s a sparky by trade.

(Image: Ten)

Theo’s love for baking bread inspired him to pack up his life and move to France, without even knowing the language!

We aren’t surprised to hear Theo loves to push himself to his limits in MasterChef and hopes to open an artisanal bakery specialising in sustainable bread, with flour and grain sourced from local farmers.

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