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EXCLUSIVE: Things get steamy on the MasterChef set with rumours of a spicy romance between two contestants

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While the show’s crazy talented chefs are busy cooking up gourmet dishes, it looks like food isn’t the only thing heating up on MasterChef!

NW has learned that two All Stars contestants had flings with fellow cooks during their initial seasons on the show.

“The contestants were single at the time,” dishes our source.

“But the people that they had affairs with were in relationships.”

“Everyone in production was s–t-scared the illicit relationships would get found out,” adds our spy.

“The major reason why they wanted to keep the hook-ups so hush hush was because they didn’t want it to spoil the show’s wholesomeness.”

Our insider adds: “It was all covered up because the whole point is that it’s a family show about turning normal, everyday cooks into professional chefs – it’s not scandalous like Married At First Sight.”

The rumours sent shockwaves throughout the MasterChef family.

(Image: Channel 10)

But pile passionate chefs into a pressure-cooker situation like a reality TV show and house them all together far from home, then you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for more than just TV ratings gold!

“The truth is, things get just as hot in the bedroom as they do in the kitchen,” our source tells.

Behind the scenes, there’s so much hooking up, clique-forming and bitchiness.”

Despite their scandalous pasts, the two current contestants who got jiggy on set with their co-stars “were only brought back because they didn’t cheat, as they were single at the time”.

WATCH BELOW: A towel caught on fire in the MasterChef kitchen.

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