EXCLUSIVE: Blow-ups, spoilers and bruised egos! MasterChef's behind-the-scenes scandals

Tensions aren’t just boiling over in the kitchen.

By Woman's Day team
Reality TV contestants lashing out on social media is usually a move reserved for the uncontrollable brides and grooms on Married At First Sight.
But it seems MasterChef Australia's returning cooks aren't afraid to voice their opinions either!
Last week, while swigging beer from a bottle, contestant Harry Foster launched a blistering attack on Ten.
He claimed he'd been edited out of the show, and accused Ten of failing to provide him with photos of his dishes from last Sunday night's episode to post on his Instagram.
"MasterChef didn't send me any photos of my food on the show tonight… sorry about that," wrote a snarky Harry, before whingeing he wasn't getting enough airtime.
"Wouldn't even know you are in MasterChef this season," wrote a fan. "Same," Harry, 25, replied.
Harry's frustrated with his lack of airtime on the show and Ten's social media team. Image: Instagram
On top of Harry's online rants, he's also swiftly removed video footage from his Instagram account where he divulged behind-the-scenes secrets.
"It's fair to say producers weren't impressed," spills a source.
Meanwhile, 2017 runner-up Ben Ungermann has also mouthed off.
The business owner, 34, who was removed from filming earlier in the year following a shock arrest, which has been described as a "personal incident", told fans it wasn't up to him how the show would edit him out, adding it was "up to MasterChef Australia".
And Poh Ling Yeow, 47, has caused a headache by accidentally revealing she was still filming the show during a recent live radio segment, insinuating she's in the final episodes!
WATCH: How to make Poh's cheat's Hainanese chicken rice. Story continues below...
Ben and Poh have been at the centre of drama behind the scenes. Image: Network Ten

Curtis Stone tells: ‘I was too busy to be a judge!’

But Curtis, 44, tells Woman's Day he turned down the offer and he doesn't regret it!
"I'm so busy with my restaurants here in LA," the dad-of-two reveals.
"I didn't have the time to commit to something beyond guest appearances," he adds.
Curtis' time has certainly been tied up with keeping his businesses afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
"It's all about trying to keep staff in jobs and ensure they have jobs to come back to," he says of his two LA-based restaurants Maude and Gwen.
Curtis was offered the MasterChef judging gig but turned it down. Image: Network Ten

Melissa’s flirtfest

First, it was Poh and chef Gordon Ramsay raising eyebrows for their flirty banter in the MasterChef kitchen.
Now glamorous new judge Melissa Leong, 38, has taken social media by storm with her suggestive quips and winks at contestants.
"This was joyous to consume," Melissa declared, after trialling the very best from the Mystery Box challenge. And Twitter couldn't get enough of the phrase, quoting it repeatedly throughout the episode.
During last Wednesday's show, Melissa left fans in stitches with her apparent innuendo.
After Simon Toohey's white mousse almost exploded on her, she told him she was dissatisfied with the thickness of his taro, but went on to commend the dish with a "big tick".
Melissa's suggestive quips and winks at contestants has been the talk of Twitter. Image: Network Ten

Secrets from inside the MasterChef kitchen

There's no MasterChef house this year
For the first time ever, contestants are being housed in individual apartments rather than staying under one roof.
Practise makes perfect!
With so much at stake, the contestants refine their skills in their apartments, with MasterChef providing all the equipment to recreate the show's conditions.
The contestants style themselves!
The cooks are free to wear items from their own wardrobe, as long as they wear practical, comfortable clothing that is suitable for cooking.
Blowing the wardrobe budget!
Judge Melissa is said to have worn almost 100 pairs of earrings and 48 pairs of shoes this season, while judge Jock Zonfrillo's suits are tailor-made.
Vegies rules!
The single most popular ingredient this year is garlic, with the humble vegetable becoming the most ordered product in MasterChef's famous pantry.
COVID-19 is making filming longer!
"Top of the room" judging, which sees each chef take their plate to the front of the kitchen, now takes over 12 minutes per tasting.

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