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EXCLUSIVE: The Masked Singer celebrities at war over their costumes!

Forget fighting over their singing talent – this year’s stars are at war over who’s best dressed.
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While Australian audiences were left enthralled by The Masked Singer’s celebrity reveals last year, 
it was the big budget costumes that stole the show!

So when this year’s crop 
of celebrities were given their characters, the fight was on for who was the best dressed – with more than one star left spitting the dummy over their less-than-stellar get-ups!

It’s rumoured a star spat the dummy over their costume!

(Image: Channel 10)

“Producers were fielding calls from talent and talent managers who were not happy,” the source reveals.

“Some costumes are amazing, some are … well, 
let’s say, not so amazing.”

Talent managers were bombarding the producers!

(Image: Channel 10)

The show insider says that the female celebs were left fighting over the Kitten, everyone wanted to be the Bushranger and the celebs who were left with the Cactus, the Puppet, the Frilled-Neck Lizard and the Echidna were nothing short of furious.

“Really, who would want to be those characters?” says the source.

“And the Hammerhead is just scary.”

The show’s success has caused costume wars!

(Image: Channel 10)

The fight for costumes reportedly sent production into a tailspin, with celebrities calling in their managers to intervene 
and save what they all felt 
was their chance at their 
big comeback.

“No one could have imagined the success of the show last year and the calibre of celebrity wanting to be 
a part this year was really ramped up,” says the source.

Everyone wanted to be The Bushranger.

(Image: Channel 10)

“Loads of Aussie stars put their name in the ring this year after seeing what it did for the people who appeared in the show last year.

“Many of them consider this to be their big comeback, so when they were given less-than-impressive costumes to wear, well, things felt strained backstage to say the least.”

Several big stars are rumoured to be part of the show this year including Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and Grey’s Anatomy’s Kate Walsh.

WATCH BELOW: The first celebrity is unmasked on The Masked Singer 2020.

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