The Masked Singer

Is The Masked Singer rigged for a Network Ten star to win?

Or is it a true, blue competition?

By NW team
The Masked Singer has quickly become the biggest thing on TV since Married At First Sight, with 1.56 million Aussies watching the first episode in an attempt to try guess the disguised celebrities.
But while host Osher Gunsberg has described it as "proudly the most ridiculous show on television", scandalous allegations have emerged claiming the smash hit is rigged and a Channel 10 personality is set to win.
Say whaaat?!
"That's the way these types of shows tend to go – the winner always ends up being one of the network's own stars," dishes an industry insider.
"They'd hardly let a Nine or Channel Seven face take out the prize. It'd be in 10's favour for one of their own to come out on top to promote their brand."
"I've never been attracted to a prawn before" said Jackie O (Source: Network Ten)
The show's voting system is also raising eyebrows. Each round has a winner, voted by the panel and studio audience, who then goes through to the next round.
The losers face-off in a knockout sing-off. However, as our source points out, we never actually see the results...
"Therefore, it's entirely plausible that producers are just pushing through the people they want to keep in the competition until the final round," says the showbiz spy.
They wouldn't dare?!
What's more, one audience member tells us they didn't actually vote!
"They weren't exactly enforcing it," says the mole, who attended an early taping.
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That's not the only accusation flying around.
After viewers questioned how Lindsay Lohan would know who any of the B-list Aussie singers were, fellow panellist Dannii Minogue confirmed the actress had been told ahead of time that she knew some of the contestants.
Talk about an unfair advantage!
"Before we started, the producers said to her, 'You know – personally know – four out of the 12 people performing,'" Dannii revealed.
There's also been buzz that LiLo's being fed lines from producers. Hmm...
"Just wait," adds the spy. "Someone with ties to Channel 10 will win this for sure."
The Monster sings on The Masked Singer. (Source: Network Ten)

Are they really singing?

That's been the question on everyone's lips – and Dannii assures NW that the celebrity contestants aren't performing to pre-recorded vocals.
"They're fully singing in the masks," she tells.
"We have worked so hard, every mask is so different, the cavity in the face is different in each one so they can't all be miked in the same way.
It's taken weeks working with the costume department to try get a great sound on each one and make it comfortable. That was the challenge."
Case closed.

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