The Masked Singer

Lindsay Lohan clearly has no idea who any of the Masked Singer celebrities are

And Twitter is here for it.

By Alex Lilly
Over a million people tuned in to watch the first two episodes of The Masked Singer and it seems to be the wacky and weird show that Australia just can't get enough of.
Since the series premiere on Monday, we've seen two famous Aussie faces reveal themselves, but spare a thought for poor old Lindsay Lohan. As the show's token international panellist, she clearly hasn't got a clue who any of these people are.
Along with Jackie O, Dannii Minogue and Dave Hughes, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan has the tough task of guessing which celebrity is behind the mask based on the cryptic clues dropped throughout the episode.
Gretel Killeen and Brett Lee have been revealed as the first two stars but viewers can't get enough of the 33-year-old starlet and her lack of knowledge of famous Australians.
"Does Lindsay Lohan sit there half the time during #MaskedSingerAU thinking, who tf is that but pretends to be surprised anyway?" one fan questioned.
Others have praised Lindsay for actually making an effort and researching Aussie celebs before the show aired.
Even host Osher Gunsberg confirmed it when he replied to a tweet asking how Lindsay knows any of the Australian acts.
"She did a LOT of homework. Was super prepared," Osher tweeted. "Arrived with a stack of notes and knew way more people than I did."
In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, fellow panellist Dannii Minogue said that Lindsay was really warm and described her as "awesome", before adding that the two bonded over their former lives as child stars.
"I had a good chat to her about the fact that there's not many people that I know that started as young as we did," Dannii said.
"And then to just kept working in that industry and still be working that industry - there's only like a handful of people. And I was really interested to meet her."
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Fans are wracking their brains to guess who the remaining masked celebrities are with some guesses a little more plausible than others.
Top theories include English former cricket captain Freddie Flintoff as The Prawn, former child star Nikki Webster as The Alien and teen heartthrob Cody Simpson as The Robot but we guess we'll just have to wait and see if Lindsay recognises any of them.