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The leaked video of MAFS’ Jessika Power and Telv Williams that has the internet in a tizz

''You show me your areola first...''
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Married at First Sight’s Jessika Power is no stranger to controversy and this week has been no exception.

After uploading video of herself “drink driving” (which she later apologised for) and being dumped by her ex-boyfriend Dan Webb, a video has now emerged of the 27-year-old getting cosy on a couch with season five MAFS star, Telv Williams.

Earlier this week, Woman’s Day busted Jess and Telv enjoying each other’s company – and revealed that they had reportedly been hooking up.

In an Instagram story, Jess vehemently denied the reports. But the new video, first reported by the Daily Mail, would suggest otherwise.

WATCH NEXT: Jessika and Telv during a 3am couch session (Source: Daily Mail)

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Filmed on Christmas Eve, Telv and Jess (and an unknown friend) are seeing relaxing on a couch with a bottle of champagne at 3am.

While pouring champagne, Jess says seductively: “…You show me your areola first.” Charming.

She then hands Telv the glass and he is seen putting it up to the camera.

Jess and Telv in the leaked video. (Source: Daily Mail)

This unearthed video comes after Jessika’s former boyfriend, Dan, came out with a video last week confirming the pair had broken up – even admitting that he was suspicious of Telv.

“Last weekend, we had an event with Nova on the Thursday and I had to fly back to the Gold Coast because I had family obligations. Telv said something then [on the] Friday she was in Melbourne doing an event and he was in Melbourne and she was trying to screw him that night as well,” Dan told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Like, fair dinkum, we had the best night on the Thursday night before that and it makes me feel like I’ve been played again,” he sobbed through tears.

“I was going to introduce this girl to my son! I actually love this girl. I wanted something with her and she’s so many good qualities. In a woman But I just don’t understand how she can be so mixed up in things!”

In fact, the father-of-one claims Jess and Telv hooked up in December.

“[Telv] messaged me on Instagram saying they hooked up just before Christmas,” Dan said.

While Telv told the publication he had “no idea” Jess was dating Dan at the time.

“Dan seems like a really good guy. I feel for him,” Telv revealed in a statement.

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Jess and Dan on the set of Married at First Sight. (Source: Channel 9)

Earlier this week, Jessika denied accusations that she was drunk in a Snapchat video, where she appeared to be driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The MAFS star uploaded the video of her and her aunt Rebecca Clair to Snapchat while she was behind the wheel, looking to find alcohol and cigarettes late at night.

In the now-deleted Snapchat video, which Jessika says was only shared with her close friends and family, she can be seen slurring her words, screaming and laughing, filming the video herself while she also drives her car.

Talking to the camera, Jessika explained that she and her aunt were going to buy alcohol and cigarettes, and took their family dog Emma along with them.

“We took the dog with us because she barks, and Uncle Mark, I mean Uncle Ray, lives right next door to us, and if he knew that we were gonna drink and drive and get cigarettes we’d be in that much trouble,” she said.

Then talking to her aunt, she says: “I don’t think you should try and act responsible on TV right now, because we’re not responsible adults.”

Jessika allegedly pretending to drink drive. (Source: Instagram/Jessikapower)

After Jess’s Snapchat video was aired on Channel Nine news on Sunday night, she posted an apology on her Instagram stories the next day, saying the video had been taken “out of context”.

“I was not intoxicated in the video, yes I had two glasses of wine at dinner (hour before getting in a car),” she wrote.

Jess claims she and her aunt often “play around” in videos and it was a “fun side” of herself she wanted to share.

“I am completely over-exaggerating my words and actions to the camera. There is no way I would go out in public, let along drive a car if I was that drunk. My aunty and I are against drink driving and would never endorse or participate in it.

“I understand that I have a little growing up to do in my decision making and the effect my choices have on others.”

Jessika posted this apology on her Instagram story on Monday night. (Source: @jessikapower/Instagram)

During her time on MAFS, Jessika became famous for her drunk and disorderly behaviour during the group dinner parties.

She would frequently get into altercations with fellow brides Cyrell and Martha, then wake up the next day regretting her actions.

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