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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Stacey’s nose job shock!

The blonde beauty is completely unrecognisable.
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She’s been branded a “barbie doll” thanks to her bleach blonde hair and near-perfect complexion, but new bride Stacey Hampton’s inner circle assure Woman’s Day she’s anything but!

According to a close friend, the 25-year-old law graduate is definitely fond of a nip and tuck, but knows where to draw the line.

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BEFORE: A friend of the bride reveals Stacey grew unhappy of her plump lips.

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So what has Stacey had done? Let’s unpack it…

Bulging lips are a dinner party staple, but a source close to the mum-of-two insists Stacey regrets getting lip filler.

“She was caught up trying to look like Kylie Jenner in her youth!” jokes her friend.

“She recently got them dissolved – her lips are naturally huge so she’s happy to have a more natural look.”

AFTER: Stacey reportedly had her fillers dissolved.

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According to her pal, the TV bride recently had her lip filler dissolved.

“When Stacey originally got filler, it started building up and moving around, so she decided to have them removed,” the friend explains, who insists the MAFS bombshell is finally happy with their current state.

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Her Boobs

They’re certainly unmissable, but according to a friend, Stacey had her breasts augmented after breastfeeding both her sons, Kosta, four, and Kruz, three, which took its toll on her body.

BEFORE: Stacey’s back-to-back pregnancies left her feeling unhappy about her breasts.

(Image: Supplied)

“Breastfeeding two babies so close together definitely affected their look and shape,” says the friend.

“She became very self-conscious about it and decided to have them lifted and corrected,” she adds.

AFTER: Stacey is a lot happier with her cup-size these days.

(Image: Nine)

Her Nose

A friend of Stacey reveals the reality star suffered a lot of bullying over her nose throughout her teen years.

“[Her high school peers] were ruthless – she was bullied relentlessly over the size of her nose,” says the friend, who explains that Stacey underwent rhinoplasty when she was 24.

“She was riddled with anxiety.”

BEFORE: Stacey was bullied due to the size of her nose.

(Image: Supplied.)

AFTER: The bride underwent rhinoplasty at just age 24.

(Image: Supplied.)

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