Diary of a nose job

A 24-year-old blogger has shared graphic pictures of her recent rhinoplasty online.

There’s always been a certain stigma around plastic surgery. It’s not you don’t think about – living under the pressures of globalised beauty standards means that we all have that ‘one thing’ we’d love to get fixed – but generally, you don’t talk about it.
Let alone blog about it.
But when Rhiannon Langley decided to undergo a rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’, she wasn’t going to brush over it.
Posting on her blog, her Instagram and her Snapchat, Rhiannon studiously documented her plastic surgery journey, including day-to-day shots and diary-like entries. From the swelling and bleeding to the black eyes and burst blood vessels, Rhiannon, a hairdresser, didn’t skimp on the glory details.
“All you really see is an amazing before and after, no one really shows you what the in between is like, so I decided to share [my] photos and videos,” says 24-year-old, “I’ve never been a good liar, so I thought why the hell should I have to hide it or lie?”
But Rhiannon denies that she was pressured or guilted in to her plastic surgery decision, according to her, it was something that she had wanted for years.
“This is something I’ve always wanted, I’ve always said to my friends one day I’ll get my nose done, they used to just laugh and think I was joking,” said Rhiannon, “[But] I wear makeup, I wear hair extensions, I wear fake tan and this all makes me feel awesome, so if changing the shape of my nose does too then why not!”

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