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EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's shock surgery confessions

From tummy tucks to boob jobs, the brides reveal all...

By NW team
It's no secret that MAFS contestants and plastic surgery go hand-in-hand.
Want to know exactly what procedures this year's brides have had done?
NW spoke to Cathy, Stacey and Natasha, who spilled the beans on every single thing they've had done ... and we mean, everything.

Cathy's $20K Kardashian makeover!

Move over, Martha Kalifatidis – there's a new Kimmy K klone in town! Cathy Evans has reportedly spent $20K on tweaking
her appearance, with the fan fave indulging in lip fillers, a brow lift, Botox and a boob job.
"I had a pair of empty socks for tits!" Cathy says of her new additions. But it's what she hasn't owned up to that's got everyone talking!
Yep, Cathy's nose looked slimmer in a chat on Weekend Today, leading Dr Anthony Youn to tell us, "It appears she's had her nose thinned with a rhinoplasty."
Cathy has admitted to spending $20,000 on cosmetic enhancements. Source: Instagram/ Weekend Today

Stacey gets real: "Surgery's made me look old!"

From the blonde hair to the big boobs and bigger lips, there's an obvious reason why Stacey Hampton has been dubbed this year's Jessika Power. And the mother-of-two doesn't shy away from the fact she's had as much surgery as Jess. Well, almost as much...
"When I was 22, I got my nose done," Stacey, now 26, tells NW.
"I was bullied, and was told that I had a big nose and was ugly. So I got a rhinoplasty and felt so much better."
After giving birth to her sons Kosta, four, and Kruz, two, Stacey got DD breast implants. She's also had a tummy tuck, regularly gets Botox and is currently having the filler in her trout pout deflated so she can start again. There are also crazy rumours she's looked into rib removal!
"She'll try anything," sneers a source.
WATCH: Cathy spills all playing 'Never Have I Ever':
While life in plastic has been pretty fantastic for Stacey, a lot of viewers reckon that the operations make her look decades older. Some have even suggested she's lying about her age. Say whaaat?!
"She's 26? More like 40! She belongs on Botched," sniped one fan. Another viewer adds, "It's really sad as she was just as pretty before all the work. She needs therapy, not surgery!"
Stacey does concede that she looks older in some of the MAFS promo material. However, she jokes it's actually her two young boys who've aged her by "about 20 years".
"Look, the haters are just picking on something," she explains. "I've been through a lot more than most 26-year-olds."
Stacey says she was bullied for having a big nose which is what persuaded her to get a nose job and rhinoplasty. Source: Instagram/ Nine

Natasha's $30,000 transformation

Natasha Spencer hasn't just had a glow-up – she's totally transformed her face! NW has obtained exclusive photos of Nat pre-fame and pre-surgery, and it's safe to say the stunning brunette looks completely unrecognisable!
Natasha, 26, tells us that she's spent well over $30,000 on Invisalign, Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, facials and fat-freezing. She also has a boob job, regularly gets her hair and nails done.
"I was constantly bullied for my weight and my teeth – that sort of stuff stays with you into adulthood," she says.
Despite spending $30,000 on her cosmetic procedures Nat tells NW she'll "never go under the knife again." Source: Instagram/ NW
While the reality star's feeling confident with her new look, some haters reckon she's gone way too far.
"Her whole body is artificially contoured and her face simply does not move – it's scary. Any kids she has won't look anything like her," says one viewer.

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