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MAFS’ Elizabeth just delivered the most powerful speech about male gaslighting & we’re cheering

'What is he setting the tone for all of the girls out there?'
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We’ve all been thinking it, yelling it at our TV screens and Tweeting about it ever since Married at First Sight season six started 10 weeks ago.

It wasn’t the lying, the cheating and the cat fights that disturbed so many of us – that was just the expected reality TV drama.

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What has fired us all up is the portrayal of women – women being gaslighted by their grooms – or just Mike and his condescending comments – or the wives being shown as nasty cat-fighting crazies.

But in tonight’s finale, 27-year-old Elizabeth Sobinoff and her extremely unlikely reunion ally Ines Basic – have finally had enough, and they let rip.

In a spontaneous and powerful monologue, Lizzie responds in a way which would have viewers vigorously applauding everywhere.

And one onlooker in particular, Ines – the bride who tried to run off with Lizzie’s “husband” Sam Ball – is her biggest supporter.

Alas, Sam is a no-show but let’s hope he watched Lizzie let loose about his behaviour with the rest of us.

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Elizabeth let’s rip on husband Sam Ball. (Source: Channel 9)

The trigger for Lizzie/s impassioned and eloquent speech is seeing Sam’s critical and unflattering comments about her, when it was just him talking to camera, about her being “bigger than he’s used to” and that he “should take her for a run”

Cue Lizzie’s outrage…

“What is he setting the tone for all of the girls out there,” she said.

“You’re not worthy enough if you’re not a size 6 or below, you’re not worthy enough. You don’t deserve the time of day. You don’t deserve any of that.

“I am just appalled that he would just make it so free to comment on a woman’s weight. That to me is despicable and disgusting.

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“As women, it’s a hard enough time in this life, OK. It’s is a hard enough time.

“We get so much thrown at us. We have men sitting there going, ‘well yeh, you have to be this way, you have to look that way’, otherwise, you know – I don’t want a bar of it.

“We are expected to look a certain way because of men like that.”

Referring to the lies he would tell the other grooms versus what would happen with her, Lizzie said: “Why are you trying to belittle me? I do not understand that.

“Because that’s what he’s like – he’s just trying to belittle me to make up stories to tell the boys.”

Ines was clearly hurting over Sam. (Source: Channel 9)

And what better chaser to such a speech than Ines’ response.

“I never realised how affected Elizabeth was by my actions, which is really hard to see. It’s really sad to see,” she admitted.

But it was her speech about how Sam made her feel that was the most relatable thing we’d heard the entire season.

“I thought he was worth it,” she said, and then added: “He was very good at making you think that you are the shit person.”

“I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m heavily flawed but you know, when someone is consistently doing these things to you – like umm, with empty promises and then totally fallen off the face of the earth – and blocking me – and then they’re telling you that you’re bats—t crazy. And then you’re like ‘now I’m batsh—crazy’ so now I’m the problem. So you just hate yourself.”

“I appreciate her so much for standing up for me then,” Lizzie said.

And this, girls, is why we need to stick together.

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