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Married at First Sight intruder couples bare all!

Well hello, Billy!
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In a world first, Married at First Sight introduced us to some new couples and talk about shake things up!

Introducing Daniel Webb, Tamara Joy, Susie Bradley and Billy Vincent – the new hotties on the block!

Revealing their sexy rigs and their hottest secrets, NW sat down with the new foursome and believe us, you won’t want to miss what they have to say!


If Dan Webb had his “wish” he’d add an extra “two inches” to his… height. What did you think we were going to say?!

But we think the single dad looks pretty alright just the way he is. The reality star – who has a tattoo of his four-year-old son stamped across his ripped rig – says he’s looking for sparks in the bedroom.

“Sex makes up about half of a relationship,” he tells NW.

And if he doesn’t find them with MAFS wife Tamara Joy, he tells NW he isn’t ruling out looking for it among the other wives.

“It’s an experiment and anything’s possible,” he says. “It’s good to get attention at times and it just depends on the current mood and it depends on the relationship with me and Tam as well – and how many red wines I’ve had!”

Mmm… sounds like those rumours about him and Jessika Power hooking up might just be true.

“Sex makes up about half of a relationship,” Dan tells NW. (Source: NW)


Billy Vincent admits he was like a kid in a candy shop when he laid eyes on this year’s group of hotties!

“All the girls in the programme are beautiful,” he tells NW. “They’re attractive… I could appreciate talking to the other women.”

But the reality star insists he only has eyes for wife Susie Pearl.

“I had a one-track mind on my wife. And I was very, very wrapped up in her,” insists Billy, who says he’s “so into” the single mum who ticks the boxes when it comes to his biggest turn on – “the small of a woman’s back”.

“She’s got a really nice back, a very, very defined back,” he gushes.

Despite the sparks flying between them, Billy says he was careful to keep things PG on screen though. No throwing her on the bed à la Sam and Ines then, Billy boy?!

“My mum’s watching. Come on!” he tells NW. “But at the same time we were pretty happy showing affection on camera.”

“My mum’s watching. Come on!” (Source: NW)

Watch next: Dan and Tamara play NW‘s “Mr and Mrs.” Post continues after video…

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Single mum Susie isn’t apologising for her four-year-old daughter’s unusual name, Baby.

“I love it. My family loves it. She loves it. That’s all that matters,” she tells NW.

And she’s just as bolshy about the boob job she had after giving birth.

“I breastfed and it sucked the life out of me and at 22 I felt so uncomfortable, I couldn’t live like that. It was the best decision ever.”

“I breastfed and it sucked!” Susie reveals all! (Source: NW)


“She was definitely jumping out of her lane and jumping into mine,” Tamara says of flirty Jessika making a move on Dan at the intruders’ first dinner party.

But the star isn’t letting a love rival knock her confidence.

“I have a pretty good bum,” says the selfie-loving star, who tells NW she “had my boobs done” to enhance her natural curves.

“I’ve had my boobs done!” (Source: NW)

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