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EXCLUSIVE: What actually went down with THAT alleged kiss between Hayley and Michael

A classic game of he-said-she-said.
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Why did Michael keep insisting at the Married At First Sight dinner party that he hadn’t kissed Hayley if he couldn’t remember what happened that night?

Well, according to him, Hayley initially said they didn’t kiss either.

Did the kiss really happen? Michael opens up about the debate that shook fans of the show.

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Michael, who’s married to Stacey on the show, tells TV WEEK that he, Hayley, Chris and Vanessa had been “having a few drinks” and “being loose”.

Vanessa had then claimed she had a video of him kissing Hayley. Because he’d been drinking, he didn’t know if he’d kissed her or not.

“I got to the point where I wasn’t sure but then I was banking on the fact that there was a video,” he explains.

“Then I was like, ‘S—, okay, maybe I did kiss her.'”

Hayley is married to David on the show, but she’s embroiled in another couple’s drama.

(Channel Nine)

The reality star continues: “And then Chris goes, ‘Mate, you 100 per cent didn’t kiss her. I did not see you kiss her,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, okay.'”

“Then Vanessa’s like, ‘I saw you kiss each other, I was videotaping everything – oh, but I didn’t videotape that bit.’ And then Hayley told me we didn’t kiss and then she changed her story saying that we did kiss.”

“It is confusing, isn’t it?”

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Michael, 28, insists that he’s “not attracted” to Hayley, who’s married to David on the show.

“Hayley’s off the wall, but she’s off the wall in a good way,” he says.

“She’s funny. She just doesn’t give a f—. She just says it how it is”

The groom continues: “Good on her. I have nothing bad to say about that girl, regardless of her being a complete pain in my backside.”

“Her actions, sometimes, yes, are questionable. However, I’m not going to judge her on a couple of actions. She’s a good person. She’s all right.”

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