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A real life couple swap! Inside MAFS Duncan and Evelyn love story

The pair are absolutely adorable together.
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Despite entering the Married At First Sight Australia experiment separately in 2023, Duncan and Evelyn found love with each other – after being unsuccessful with their reality TV wife/husband.

After months of speculation following a spicy video shared to social media, the pair finally put an end to the dating rumours, confirming their relationship.

It’s official.

(Image: Nine)

After the experiment ended, the Sydney-siders started to hang out, when Duncan excitedly revealed to 9Honey: “Some of the warm fuzzy feelings happened in the stomach and I thought ‘what is this’ and then… one thing led to another.”

Duncan, who described his relationship with Evelyn as ‘passionate’ with a “sprinkling” of friendship, confessed he is excited to no longer having to “sneak around” and explore the city as a real couple. Preferably have a Patrick Swayze Ghost pottery type of moment, which Evelyn couldn’t wait to do.

With their relationship in the open, the couple began sharing all the sweet moments fans have missed out on! Including some steamy snaps from a mini-vacation which Evelyn captioned, “It all led me to you.”

They are out and proud now!

(Image: Instagram)

Then the pair decided to name their favourite thing about each other, Duncan adores that his new girlfriend is “a massive dork at heart” meanwhile Evelyn loves his positivity and his height of course.

Following the announcement, Duncan’s ‘ex-wife’ Alyssa took to Instagram to give fans her thoughts on the new couple.

“How do you feel about Evelyn and Duncan being together? I thought she was your friend!” asked a fan, to which Alyssa issued the short and sweet reply of “Rip.”

“People are supporting me because they know the real story. Try not to believe what you’re watching. There was so much more to it that you’re not seeing,” she quipped at a fan who compared her to fellow polarising MAFS Australia 2023 contestant Harrison Boon.

The pair recently went on a mini-vacation.

(Image: Instagram)

Despite the blunt response from Alyssa, the new couple revealed there is no bad blood between them and their respective ex-partners.

“We have been welcomed as a couple in the most positive way,” Evelyn said.

When Duncan responded: “Obviously [we] gave Rupert a call as well, and got the blessing from Rupert! He was very supportive as well.”

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