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Lizzie and Seb to announce surprise pregnancy at this week’s MAFS reunion

''They’re definitely teasing something for the final episodes.''
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Returning bride Elizabeth Sobinoff made no secret of the fact she and her doting TV groom Sebastian Guilhaus had been intimate during the Married At First Sight experiment.

Now, sources close to the lovebirds tell Woman’s Day the couple 
are ready to make a bombshell pregnancy announcement 
at this week’s reunion!

“We’re all waiting with anticipation,” says a friend.

“Their relationship has gone from strength to strength, and starting a family has certainly been at the forefront of Lizzie’s mind for some time.”

Liz and Seb are one of the experiment’s most successful couples.

(Image: Instagram / @seb.guilhaus)

Friends of the bride say that during the break from filming over Christmas last year, Lizzie, 28, was obsessed with her health.

“Vitamins, cleanses, teas… you name it, she was really hellbent on cleaning up her health,” the source continues.

As for Seb, 31, the insider says he’s more than ready to become a dad.

“I think most people who know Seb know he’s always wanted his own little AFL team,” shares the source.

Are they taking the next big step in their relationship?

(Image: Instagram / @seb.guilhaus)

Last week, the pair teased 
fans with a telling shot on social media of Seb cradling Lizzie’s bump.

But while she downplayed rumours of a potential pregnancy, our spy says it’s no coincidence!

“Nine approves all of the participants’ captions! They’re definitely teasing something for the final episodes,” our source tells.

The Instagram photo sparked rumours.

(Image: Instagram / @lizalizzieelizabeth)

Unlike her previous MAFS experience with groom Samuel Ball, the retail assistant’s 2020 journey has been almost perfect.

“We had sex. We had sex. Explosions!” she told viewers, before declaring her feelings 
for the former AFL star.

“It was really nice to be intimate with him. And we’re compatible.”

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