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“She blocked me on every platform”: Domenica Calarco’s shock claims she tried to ‘support’ MAFS rival Olivia Frazer

It comes after she publicly called Olivia out on social media on several occasions.
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Domenica Calarco may have just reignited her feud with Olivia Frazer yet again after addressing the “animosity” between them one year after filming Married At First Sight.

The reality star confessed on Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast that she hardly keeps in touch with anyone from the MAFS cast after season nine’s explosive end.

“No one reached out and apologised to me for a lot of the things that were said about me,” she said, before making a surprising admission about her rival.

“I tried to reach out to [Olivia]… she blocked me on every platform possible, so the only way for me to even get anything through was through the publicists.”

Domenica Calarco may have just reignited her feud with Olivia Frazer.

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Domenica insisted that despite their on-screen arguments and subsequent social media feud, she tried to support Olivia through the backlash she received when MAFS aired.

For those who missed it, Olivia was flooded with hateful messages and cruel social media trolling, with angry fans even turning up at her home to berate her at one point.

While Domenica didn’t forgive her co-star for her involvement in the MAFS nude photo scandal, she told the podcast that the attacks “didn’t sit well” with her.

“She had hurt me and there was a lot of animosity between us… [but] I can’t sit back and just watch this happen,” she said.

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According to Domenica, she reached out to Channel Nine and Endemol Shine, the production group behind MAFS, to make sure Olivia was getting “support”.

She also claimed that she never wanted to “perpetuate” the backlash and feed the feud narrative around her and Olivia, despite calling Olivia out on social media on several occasions.

“Yes, we did have all that animosity and yes, I don’t think she’s a particularly nice person and she did hurt me,” she confessed.

“But I don’t wish on her what she received from the press and from the public.”

Olivia was paired with Jackson Lonie on MAFS.

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She was particularly adamant that no one should be leaking Olivia’s OnlyFans content, but added that her rival should know that line of work is “not easy”.

Reflecting on the tension between her and Olivia during filming, Domenica admitted that the moment she smashed a glass during an argument on the couples’ retreat was the “worst experience of [her] life”.

Watching the moment back when MAFS aired, Domenica said she could tell she was only trying to “protect herself”, but recognised that she was out of line.

Still, she appeared to blame Olivia for putting her in that situation.

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“I think she really saw that was a bit of a weakness of mine and she knew, and she just kept picking and picking and picking,” she recalled.

“And she got what she wanted out of it… she continued to just use that against me.”

Though there were plenty of theatrics during the filming process, it wasn’t until Domenica got to watch the show back with the rest of Australia that she really processed some of the more emotional moments.

“You have to go through all those emotions again and it’s double the emotions when you watch back,” she confessed.

Domenica has been one of the most successful stars from MAFS season nine.

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Seeing what the other couples were saying and doing behind the scenes often shocked her, especially when she saw what really went on between Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes.

Domenica and the rest of the cast knew Carolina wasn’t into Dion, but she said they had “no idea she was canoodling with Daniel” as much as she was.

Olivia has not responded to Domenica’s latest comments… yet.

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