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MAFS’ Jack Millar reveals the moment he first said “I love you” to his girlfriend Courtney Stubbs

They couldn't look happier!
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After sparking romance rumours in early July, MAFS star Jack Millar and Love Island alum Courtney Stubbs couldn’t be more loved-up.

The pair first sent the rumour mill into overdrive after sharing photos of them enjoying on a romantic winter getaway to Perisher.

While Jack and Courtney’s snaps from their skiing holiday could have been put down to a platonic friendship, the couple all but confirmed their relationship on July 19 – and they’ve been couple goals ever since!

They took to Instagram to share several loved up photos, with one showing them kissing on the beach.

But Jack and Courtney’s new relationship wasn’t all that out-of-the-blue after it was revealed the pair went on a breakfast date on the Gold Coast on the weekend of the TV WEEK Logies in mid-June.

Interestingly, the pair actually met inadvertently through Jack’s MAFS ex Domenica Calarco!

Courtney recently revealed in a Q&A that she was introduced to Jack at the launch of Domenica’s clothing collection with retailer Showpo.

Domenica has even given the couple her seal of approval. When asked by a fan on an Instagram Q&A how she feels about Jack and Courtney dating, she responded: “I’m so happy he is happy” alongside a series of heart emojis.

Jack told Courtney he loved her before they became official.

(Image: Instagram)

In late September, Courtney and Jack filmed a TikTok explaining in detail just how their relationship came to be, explaining that they both met each others’ parents very early on.

“I saw Courtney as I walked in and I was like “hot damn”,” Jack said of meeting Courtney at Dom’s event.

“He basically tried to talk to me the whole night and found any excuse to talk to me,” Courtney added.

After the event was over, Jack wasted no time in messaging Courtney to ask how long she was in Sydney for and if they could see each other again.

“Jack was on the Gold Coast for the Logies so we hung out then,” the Love Island alum said, with Jack adding: “We went on our first date to Byron Bay. It was picturesque evenings, sunset, the works.”

Jack and Courtney became an official couple after dating for two weeks.

(Image: Instagram)

The same night of their first date, Jack met Courtney’s parents. “He wanted to meet my puppy and that’s the family dog so he met the parents and the dog!” Courtney said.

The pair then revealed that during their first date, Jack invited Courtney to his parents’ property in Perisher.

“I’m from a skiing family so I was like, ‘you know what, let me teach you how to ski’,” Jack said.

“We spent the whole weekend together and I fell in love and that’s basically the story,” Courtney added before revealing they became an official couple just two weeks after their snow trip.

“And he told me he loved me before we started dating, twice. He was drunk. I said it back and then we started dating not long after that,” she said.

Keep scrolling to see Jack and Courtney’s sweetest couple pics so far.

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(Image: Instagram)

In August, Jack and Courtney embarked on their first couple’s getaway! The pair took this sweet snap while out for dinner in Bali.

(Image: Instagram)

“Surprise date night in Bali included a couple of drinks and too many kisses 😋”

(Image: Instagram)

Jack and Courtney “soft launched” their relationship on July 4 when they shared photos of themselves hitting the slopes of Perisher.

(Image: Instagram)

Jack and Courtney are sure to have bonded over their reality TV experiences. Jack was in a brief relationship with Domenica Calarco, whom he met on MAFS, while Courtney dated emergency responder Noah Hurah during her time in the Love Island villa last year.

(Image: Instagram)


(Image: Instagram)

Courtney recently visited Jack in his hometown of Wollongong, on the NSW South Coast.

(Image: Instagram)

The loved-up couple enjoyed some seltzers in the bath.

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(Image: Instagram)

Jack and Courtney were joined by one of their friends as they jet skied on the Gold Coast, where the Love Island beauty is originally from.

(Image: Instagram)

The pair went on a double date to Movie World with some friends.

(Image: Instagram)

Here’s to many more happy memories together!

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