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MAFS’ Carolina releases bombshell secret recordings claiming producers didn’t let her come clean to Dion over Daniel affair

''How long are we going to drag this along for?''
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Married At First Sight star Carolina Santos has released explosive secret recordings appearing to show her pleading with producers to allow her to come clean to Dion Giannarelli about her affair with Daniel Holmes.

As MAFS fans will remember, Carolina was “married” to Dion on season nine, however she and Daniel embarked on a steamy affair behind his back.

Carolina, who has since parted ways with Daniel, copped backlash from fans for “stringing Dion along” for weeks while filming the show.

Carolina had a steamy affair with Daniel.

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But now, the Brazilian-born beauty has released a recording of what appears to be a private conversation between herself and a producer while shooting was taking place last year.

“Why do you think that’s the more beneficial thing to do? Is it because of the Jess Power series?” a female producer can be heard asking Carolina, apparently referencing the backlash Jess copped back in season six for having an “affair”.

Carolina then responded to the producer, whose identity wasn’t revealed, saying there’s no one she can ask for advice.

“I literally have to keep it to myself the whole entire time. I literally have no one to even say ‘this is happening, what advice can you give me?'” she said. “It’s really frustrating.”

Carolina pleaded with producers to let her tell Dion about her secret relationship with Daniel.

(Image: Nine)

Carolina then said lying to Dion about her feelings for Daniel “is not the way I would have handled things on the outside”, adding that she wanted to come clean to her on-screen husband.

The mother-of-one went on to say that during her one-on-one recorded interviews, producers encouraged her to keep her affair with Daniel a secret.

“[They say] ‘No you don’t wanna tell Dion’. I want to tell him now. How long are we going to drag this along for? At least tell me because this is frustrating me,” she told the producer in the secretly recorded chat.

In a separate recorded discussion with a male producer, Carolina expressed her desire to tell Dion she didn’t see a future with him and instead wanted to pursue Daniel.

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“I would also not like to blindside Dion completely. I would like to invite him over or go over to his place and say, ‘I’m sorry but I knew from the get go you weren’t for me and [I got feelings for Daniel] and I’m going for it’,” she said.

“So I would like to tell him one on one, I would actually love if that happened today in a more honest way.”

The producer then responded: “I can see that, I can definitely see your point of view, but it’s not up to me.”

Carolina then continued asking for more answers on when she could get the all-clear to tell Dion.

“I’ve literally been bringing this up for over a week now and I wanted to [tell Dion] last week as well. How long are we going to drag this along for?”

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