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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Aleks wasn’t at the girls’ night due to a personal family tragedy

The MAFS bride was also still "traumatised" from her last dinner party.
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Married At First Sight‘s girls’ night turned rather heated when Hayley and Stacey found themselves once again locked in a bitter argument.

The drama was cranked up a notch when Lizzie offered up her two cents and sided with Stacey, but while all that drama was unfolding, there were three brides missing.

Natasha Spencer, Tash Herz and Aleks Markovic were not in attendance at the girls’ night. While we know that Natasha and Tash were sent on a trip to Bali by producers, the reason for Aleks’ absence was far from fun.

Where was Aleks at the girls’ night?

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Speaking to Now To Love, Aleks explains that she wasn’t at the girls’ night as she and her family were dealing with a personal heartache.

“My grandfather was in hospital and passed away not long after so we stayed home with the family,” Aleks reveals.

“Also was still traumatised by the dinner party and how I was accused of being unfaithful so didn’t want to be attacked again,” she added.

In a previous Instagram post, where Aleks revealed that she and Ivan were giving their relationship a try in the real world, the MAFS bride said that she and her on-screen husband stayed together the evening of their exit and that Ivan even saw her off at the airport to be with her family, during “an emotional moment for the both of us.”

WATCH BELOW: The evolution of Ivan and Aleks. Post continues after video…

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Aleks was at the centre of the drama at her and Ivan’s final dinner party, when she was accused of cheating on her on-screen husband with a mystery man by Michael.

The real estate agent slammed the secret boyfriend rumours, explaining that she met a girl at a Serbian event that she attended with Mishel.

“She took me out to this Serbian restaurant and actually the owner sat with us. He’s about 50, 60 years old, so sorry if that’s disrespectful to the experiment, but I just want you guys to know that wasn’t a romantic date with a man,” she said on the show.

“I was with a woman and another guy who’s 50 years old, same age as my dad.”

Ivan and Aleks are seeing if being outside the experiment does their relationship justice without the pressure and judgements from their peers.

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Aleks spoke out about bullying on her personal Instagram profile and thanked her fans for their support.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you for sending me such beautiful messages of support,” she captioned a selfie of herself.

“I have read them all and they all mean so much to me. To the nasty people and the trolls, well you’re all blocked so you won’t see this 🙂 so thankful to every single person who sees the real me and what I stand for,” she added.

Aleks thanked her followers for their kind words and support.

(Image: Instagram @aleks.markovic_)

Producers organised the girls’ night as a fun way for the brides to catch up over drinks, but according to an on-set spy, Natasha wasn’t allowed to attend and was kept in her apartment.

“She was told she wouldn’t be needed on set,”the source told Woman’s Day.

“It honestly made her more anxious, but they felt it was best for her.”

Natasha was then sent on an all-expenses paid luxury Bali holiday to help her “overcome” her anxiety, and chose to take her friend and fellow MAFS bride Tash with her.

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