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EXCLUSIVE: Why Madi considered “faking her own death” in the first days of filming Love Triangle

''I've had a rough past with relationships.''
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Madison Clarke has a reputation among her friends for refusing to date, so it surprised everyone when she signed up to do it on reality TV with Stan’s new series Love Triangle.

“I’m such a bad dater. I don’t date, I don’t like going on dates… I’ve had a rough past with relationships,” she confesses to Now To Love.

“It’s really weird that I even did this! It was an impulse thing, I was like ‘okay, let’s just give it a try and see what happens’.”

Despite using her work in the events industry to get out of dating for the last few years, Madi insists she’s finally ready to meet someone.

“I’m such a bad dater. I don’t date,” Madi admits.

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Especially since she can’t cancel at the last minute when she’s surrounded by cameras and producers.

“My thing is I always back out of dates, so my thing was I was actually stuck and I had to go through with everything,” she says.

“For me that was the best thing in the world, to have to actually go through with it.”

Sick of putting her love life on the back burner, Madi knew that going on a reality TV dating show would force her to finally throw herself into the experience of finding love.

Not only would Love Triangle push her out of her dating funk, it would also force her to actually “try to get to know someone”.

She had to choose between two potential matches after just three days of texting with no idea what they looked like, which would be daunting for anyone, especially a self-confessed “bad dater” like Madi.

“Faking my own death, I thought about it a million times,” she jokes.

“I was a nervous wreck before my first date, I was telling the producer ‘I don’t think I can do this’.”

Madi says the show forced her to actually “try to get to know someone”.

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It didn’t help that Madi’s never really been on a proper date, the blonde beauty confessing that she’s gone out with a few friends but it’s never gotten serious.

So is a reality TV dating show really the answer to her love life woes? “That’s a good question!”

Stan Original series Love Triangle premieres on October 6, 2022.

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